Osama bin Laden killed on Beltane

Beltane 2011 is not one I will soon forget with the death of Osama bin Laden. That was long from the start of the day however, when we decided to do things early since I had planned on casting that night. I was somewhat disappointed that some of the more prurient features of the holiday would have to be put off but actually I really had so much work to do that this ended up being a rather annotated Beltane celebration.

No maypole dancing this year – actually no dancing at all. Some candles on the altar and then sitting outside have a great picnic and just kicking back with sangria and enjoying the beautiful weather. I figured on doing my annual Beltane ritual that night when I was casting so it was a very mellow and easy going afternoon.

I was exhausted from being outside though so once we came in I lay down on my bed and napped for a few hours before I got ready to do the casting that night. I was slightly delayed however since news broke about Osama bin Laden and in the US at least for most of us – everything just halted. I watched CNN for a while, saw the President give his speech then went outside and lit the Beltane bonfire.

Like I said I never expected it to be so punctuated by such a historical event and yet I am glad it was because it was a moment long-awaited and prayed for by so many.

I don’t have much interest in politics. But I am a fairly patriotic American. I don’t mean that in a right-wing sense but more that I support our Military (and always have) and I am proud of what this country stands for. We are at our best when things are at the worst. I think I may actually be quoting a line from the movie “Starman” with Jeff Bridges, but you get what I mean.

I’m proud of the Team 6, the Navy SEALS who went in and got the job done as they will never have a parade, never get credit and no one will ever know who they are. But this grateful nation thanks them and I thank them too.

Blessed be to those who stand for what is right.