Pagan Easter (late for Ostara)

Better late than never – Ostara was on the Spring Equinox but I was otherwise occupied this year with plenty of relationship drama so I decided to celebrate it at Easter (which is this Sunday) rather than stress myself out trying to get it together on the equinox. I also had taken a nasty spill in my office and hit my head on one of my office cabinets and had to spend the night under observation in the hospital to make sure it wasn’t a concussion, so that put some limits on my celebratory zeal.

I usually celebrate both days so this Easter is going to be a combo-holiday, Christian and Pagan.

I don’t dye eggs (I buy them pre-dyed at Publix – hey they are really nice and make great egg salad later), but I do bake bread and make a lovely ham dinner. I’m having some family and friends to the house on Sunday which will be nice. I love to cook for a crowd (well it won’t be a crowd just eight people).

I thought I’d share some Ostara altars I found online that are gorgeous.

Love this altar with the Horned God statute and the Goddess.

Look at the gorgeous eggs in the cauldron!

I love the simplicty of this.

This is utterly charming.

This is my own Ostara altar right after the holiday so the eggs are missing.