Merry Meet!

I’m switching to this new blog because I had some trouble with an older edition of the WP software. This new blog will replace Shakti Witch (which will stay live for some time while I transfer old posts to this site).

Once I get everything transferred over here I plan on this being a much more updated blog having to do with my spellcasting site ( and my personal life living as a witch.

The reason I’ve had a blog for so many years has to be to defeat the con-artists out there who claim to be witches and spellcasters (and they are legion on the Internet) since this is both what I do for a living (alongside a successful career as a freelance journalist) and how I live my every day life (magick is a part of everything I do).

Once I get everything updated you will find out more about me (those of you coming here for the first time) and to my followers, you might even find out a few new things about me!

To clarify, although I am a witch and was initiated in the Gardnerian tradition, I am not a practicing Wiccan. I practice all mysteries as a witch (I consider myself an eclectic solitary, I am no longer part of a coven) but my religion is Buddhism and has been for 12 years.

Thus I am what you would call a Buddhist Witch.

I live with my Mom in Central Florida, have a great tuxedo kitty named Lucy, I am widowed and recently started dating again. I’ll share much more, as well as keep you up to date on love, life and everything else.