Hoppy Easter (from yesterday)

It was really nice to have company and make a traditional Easter dinner. Because not everyone present was pagan (only three of us) we didn’t force the Ostara bit on anyone but we celebrated in our own way by having plenty of candles lit.

I made a ham with brown sugar glaze, asparagus in a cream sauce with herbs de provence, orange and pineapple sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes and a blueberry pie. Oh I grilled the pineapple for the ham too and glazed that as well. Came out great. The only thing I forgot were the biscuits! No one noticed though because there was so much else.

My brother Raymond unfortunately was still at work, so no Easter for him. He misses a lot of holidays working in the Gulf of Mexico.

I worked hard yesterday and then was right back to witchy work today as well as writing and doing readings. More readings tomorrow and spells too. I love being so busy. This was the busiest April I’ve had in three years, so it’s been great.

Making plans next for Beltane, so stay tuned!