Almost There

I’ve been spending time updating this new blog and getting everything into the archives from Once I do will be taken down but everything that was there will be here with a few new things too including resource pages, links and various and sundry materials that I think you may find interesting from my life as a witch.

I will also include a password protected area for those of you who would like to read more about my life as a witch that include stories that I would not feel comfortable revealing to the public on a blog. They are still part of my life, very personal about my journey and I will gladly share them with those who request a password from me. I will let you know when that area is set-up and how you can get the password.

I cannot believe it is almost Beltane and I look forward to celebrating that as I have not in a long time. It was always one of my favorite sabbats. Following that comes my favorite time of year: SUMMER! I am truly ready for summer at this point. Even though I live in Central Florida we had a pretty cold winter here and though it’s been warming up nicely (in the eighties and nineties) it doesn’t quite feel like summer yet.

I’ll post again once I am closer to completion of the changeover. Thanks for bearing with me!