Hoppy Easter (from yesterday)

It was really nice to have company and make a traditional Easter dinner. Because not everyone present was pagan (only three of us) we didn’t force the Ostara bit on anyone but we celebrated in our own way by having plenty of candles lit.

I made a ham with brown sugar glaze, asparagus in a cream sauce with herbs de provence, orange and pineapple sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes and a blueberry pie. Oh I grilled the pineapple for the ham too and glazed that as well. Came out great. The only thing I forgot were the biscuits! No one noticed though because there was so much else.

My brother Raymond unfortunately was still at work, so no Easter for him. He misses a lot of holidays working in the Gulf of Mexico.

I worked hard yesterday and then was right back to witchy work today as well as writing and doing readings. More readings tomorrow and spells too. I love being so busy. This was the busiest April I’ve had in three years, so it’s been great.

Making plans next for Beltane, so stay tuned!

Pagan Easter (late for Ostara)

Better late than never – Ostara was on the Spring Equinox but I was otherwise occupied this year with plenty of relationship drama so I decided to celebrate it at Easter (which is this Sunday) rather than stress myself out trying to get it together on the equinox. I also had taken a nasty spill in my office and hit my head on one of my office cabinets and had to spend the night under observation in the hospital to make sure it wasn’t a concussion, so that put some limits on my celebratory zeal.

I usually celebrate both days so this Easter is going to be a combo-holiday, Christian and Pagan.

I don’t dye eggs (I buy them pre-dyed at Publix – hey they are really nice and make great egg salad later), but I do bake bread and make a lovely ham dinner. I’m having some family and friends to the house on Sunday which will be nice. I love to cook for a crowd (well it won’t be a crowd just eight people).

I thought I’d share some Ostara altars I found online that are gorgeous.

Love this altar with the Horned God statute and the Goddess.

Look at the gorgeous eggs in the cauldron!

I love the simplicty of this.

This is utterly charming.

This is my own Ostara altar right after the holiday so the eggs are missing.

See the Magick

“Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. ”


Roald Dahl (1916-1990); British novelist
(He wrote Charlie & the Chocolate Factory)

Thinking about Beltane (May Day)

It’s still a little early for thinking about Beltane but I cannot help myself. This will be the first year in a long time that I have someone to share it with and believe me I will be celebrating it properly!

I usually dedicate the day to the Dark Goddess The Morrigan. She is one of my patron Goddesses and for me her warrior spirit really goes with Beltane.

The Morrigan stands behind the Beltane candle in my ritual altar. The God/Goddess candle holders are now at my sister-in-laws since I gave them as a gift to my brother on his wedding day (the ceremony which I performed).

On Beltane I cook like a fiend too – I make my famous Scottish Meat Pie, one of my husband’s favorites, an old family recipe that his mum sent me right after we got married. I make it every year for Beltane.

I also bake a tart or two, cookies and colcannon which is a tasty Irish dish of mashed potatoes and sauteed cabbage.

Beltane is also a traditionally “randy” time where you are supposed to find a lover and take them to the woods and have your way with them. Believe me I have plans for that part of the celebration!

It’s official!

All the posts from shaktiwitch.com have been migrated to this new blog – whew!

You will notice some password protected entries. Please just email me  to get the password. Posts about my personal life will usually be password protected.

I will now start on adding pages and links and other fun things to the site here as well as posting more often. I’m so happy to finally be using this domain name too – it’s much more appropriate than shaktiwitch.com was but I was going through my heavy yoga phase at the time (still do it every day but don’t consider it a lifestyle though I am quite flexible!)

Comments are turned on for all posts. I will not be migrating old comments – they can stay on shaktiwitch.com until the site is no longer there.

Almost There

I’ve been spending time updating this new blog and getting everything into the archives from shaktiwitch.com. Once I do shaktiwitch.com will be taken down but everything that was there will be here with a few new things too including resource pages, links and various and sundry materials that I think you may find interesting from my life as a witch.

I will also include a password protected area for those of you who would like to read more about my life as a witch that include stories that I would not feel comfortable revealing to the public on a blog. They are still part of my life, very personal about my journey and I will gladly share them with those who request a password from me. I will let you know when that area is set-up and how you can get the password.

I cannot believe it is almost Beltane and I look forward to celebrating that as I have not in a long time. It was always one of my favorite sabbats. Following that comes my favorite time of year: SUMMER! I am truly ready for summer at this point. Even though I live in Central Florida we had a pretty cold winter here and though it’s been warming up nicely (in the eighties and nineties) it doesn’t quite feel like summer yet.

I’ll post again once I am closer to completion of the changeover. Thanks for bearing with me!

Merry Meet!

I’m switching to this new blog because I had some trouble with an older edition of the WP software. This new blog will replace Shakti Witch (which will stay live for some time while I transfer old posts to this site).

Once I get everything transferred over here I plan on this being a much more updated blog having to do with my spellcasting site (mysticspells.com) and my personal life living as a witch.

The reason I’ve had a blog for so many years has to be to defeat the con-artists out there who claim to be witches and spellcasters (and they are legion on the Internet) since this is both what I do for a living (alongside a successful career as a freelance journalist) and how I live my every day life (magick is a part of everything I do).

Once I get everything updated you will find out more about me (those of you coming here for the first time) and to my followers, you might even find out a few new things about me!

To clarify, although I am a witch and was initiated in the Gardnerian tradition, I am not a practicing Wiccan. I practice all mysteries as a witch (I consider myself an eclectic solitary, I am no longer part of a coven) but my religion is Buddhism and has been for 12 years.

Thus I am what you would call a Buddhist Witch.

I live with my Mom in Central Florida, have a great tuxedo kitty named Lucy, I am widowed and recently started dating again. I’ll share much more, as well as keep you up to date on love, life and everything else.