Magickal Returns

I’ve been excited by the response to my Love Hunter Spell which is as you recall the first love spell I have crafted and cast for myself (and successfully too) in my life as a witch. The spell has taken off for my clients and I am happy to report excellent returns even at this early date.

Which has prompted me to want to discuss when spells begin and end – or rather their manifestation and then completion. Spells do not last forever (since nothing does, remember we are always dealing with the laws of nature in spells and one of those is impermanence) and their effects can be short or long reaching depending upon the spell and the situation the spell is cast for.

For instance the Love Hunter Spell is a working to accomplish a specific goal – to get the one you desire to come to you, to be with you, to fall in love with you (if that is your mutual destiny) and once this has manifested, then essentially the spell is complete. It may have some lingering magickal influence (I believe that all spells have an energetic signature which attaches them to us, making as a little deeper involved in what is going on) but three to six months down the road in your relationship you cannot expect such a spell to still have power over your situation.

However certain spells like the Magnetic Attraction Spell and the Reality Shift Spell can be renewed almost indefinitely, since they are timed spells, meant to last only a few months and then can be energetically recast and renewed to keep their influence working.

Not all spells are created equal in that regard. A Marriage Break-Up Spell is crafted to accomplish one goal and one goal alone – to break-up a marriage and once this goal is satisfied then the spell is complete. Likewise a custom spell that has been created for a unique situation and purpose (say a spell to get a job or for fertility, to influence a decision etc) will accomplish its goal and then be done with.

I have done long-term spells, spells that are created to last up to a year (My Chinese New Year’s Good Fortune Spell takes a year to manifest completely) and some even longer that have long manifestation but these are the exception rather than the rule.

For me personally, I realized this after getting my manifestation with the Love Hunter Spell but then realizing that now that I had what I desired it brought an entirely new set of issues with it. It wasn’t as if paradise was achieved all through one spell. There is no such spell that does that – brings what you desire and keeps it pristine exactly as you wish – because change is inevitable.

I’d say a new spell will be in the offing for me soon to keep my relationship on track, to keep the positive energy flowing (maybe I’ll call it – Let the Love Flow, I kind of like that) since I’ve seen how well magick works in getting love directed in the right way, I’d like to see what I can do with nurturing it even more.

For many happy magickal returns!