Fixing my life

I was able to help my friend with a new spell and it has been manifesting well. There is still a way to go with that as the energy is ever-changing. I will absolutely have to stay on top of this for him to make sure we are working it to the best way possible.

I’ve been trying to fix a few things in my own life with magick which is something I rarely do. I like to save my magickal energy for my clients and other projects I am working on so casting spells for myself is usually a low priority.

However on 10-10-10 along with my Reaping Rewards spell that I cast for my clients I also did a special spell for myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve crafted such a personal spell and it was very intense to complete.

I did both workings outside, the weather was perfect, cool enough for a fire but temperate so I didn’t need a jacket.

After I finished the first working (which took a while since there were quite a few of them) I did my spell for myself.

I lit the fragrant and anointed parchment and watched it burn, flames snaking along the edges until it eventually became a pile of grey ash. It smoldered a bit which is usually a good sign that there is residual energy and a portends that there is more to come. This unnerved me a little considering what I was casting the spell for but I took it ultimately as a good sign.

What happened at the end was the most interesting, since the energy I had conjured brought animals from the night out of the woods toward me. I was surprised to hear so much activity out there. I saw animals running along my back fence and noises in the trees. Animals are often drawn to such energies but usually it’s pretty quiet here in the suburbs. That night was different. It was a sign.

I’m at a crossroads, a place I’ve been before magickally (standing there asking Papa Legba to grace me) but never like this. Part of me is standing back to observe because it’s so difficult to fathom the conditions of what is occurring and the rest of me has thrown myself into the fray completely.

It will be interesting to see how it manifests.