Karmic Reflection Spell

A good friend of mine came to me recently with an intense request. He has an issue that is literally untenable, a very desperate crisis in his family where someone has caused incredible harm and is in a position (through no fault of his) to continue to make problems for those he loves. This is big time stuff, heavy duty, life and death, money, security, all the big things and I have wanted to help him in some way but there just isn’t anything that can be done.

I thought, until he asked me if there was a spell that could help.

My friend knows that I am a witch (he’s known me for 13 years, so yes, he’s well aware of what I do for a living) but he has never asked me to do a spell for him in all that time. It’s not that he doesn’t believe in magick, he believes that there are many things in life that cannot be understood rationally, so he is very open-minded in that sense. He’s just not the type to ask for help unless it is completely unbearable to the degree that this issue has become in his life

This issue is centered on one utterly toxic human being who needs to be stopped, halted, bound from causing harm. I chose a Karmic Reflection Spell for this person – a 33×33×33 spell which reflects the misdeeds of the person causing harm back upon them. It is not a black magick spell (though it might sound like one) it is actually a neutral spell, gray magick, used as a form of protection.

Unfortunately I am concerned that while this spell has definitive long-ranging manifestations that it is not enough to halt them from causing direct and indirect harm to my friend and his loved ones. I believe there is an energetic contract this person has with a member of his family and although I believe that can be severed completely and totally, unfortunately it must come from the individual who holds the contract and they are not in a healthy capacity at this time to do so.

Thus I find myself wondering how I can help further -with more immediate results – thinking of turning to darker magicks, more intense, things that I don’t normally consider but this is not a normal condition, this needs as much as I can possibly throw at it.

Karmic Reflection Spells have excellent results but they occur over time and this situation needs relief now.

I’ve never done anything quite like this for a friend (and by a friend, it is more like he is a part of my family, we are very close) and I want to make sure that I find the right solution. I’ll let you know what I come up with.