When it rains

During the summer I do many rituals outside, though I don’t usually have a fire in the firepit because it gets too hot. I do like to be out in  the backyard though on the patio at night and will usually do some candle magick and other less heated rituals out there in the summer months.

It rains quite a bit here in central Florida in the summer so I have to time my rituals with the moon of course but between rainy days too. I mention this now because I like to use the rain to my advantage when I can.

This includes collecting rainwater to use in rituals (a good downpour can fill up a few bottles for me) and then taking time when the rain prevents me for spending time outside to deal with the business and practice of my craft.

This can mean working on the websites, updating my blog, answering email or more traditional witchy pursuits like drying herbs. making oils, going through my spellbooks, cataloging supplies, making candles, etc. The rain reminds me to slow down a bit, to deal with what I need to to keep my craft flowing freely.

I just finished casting for the Full Moon and it was a good casting (though someone delayed by the rain) and now I need to get things together to package up and send out my results. I’ve been working on some new things for magickrituals.com, as well as some other projects (non-witch related) so I haven’t sent out a newsletter in a while. Since today is another rainy day I think that will be next on the agenda.