Music is Magick

I don’t think I’ve ever discussed the importance that music plays in my casting. It’s so indelibly organic to my process at this point that I guess I’ve always looked upon it like I do candles, absolutely essential, so much that you really don’t notice them.

I play different music for specific situations, sometimes even make my own music or chant a Buddhist mantra but there is always music of some kind for every ritual occasion. Lately I’ve been playing Ocean waves with a Tibetan singing bowl while casting my spells. It puts me deeply into a meditative state – I go right into Alpha, it’s instant. As the music progresses it segues into wonderful Sanskrit chants which literally take me outside the physical plane of this world. That’s why when witches cast a circle we call it being between the worlds.

Music helps to bring me there. When I’m finished casting spells I like very gentle harp or flute music to help bring me back and ground me again. It’s like waking up to increasing sunlight, immensely peaceful.

It’s always a bit of a letdown when I’m out of the circle. I’m usually powerfully thirsty and need a little something to eat. Not to be uber-Disney witchy or anything but often what I totally crave is an apple! Sorry Snow White! Water is perfect too but on rare occasions I’ve been known to enjoy an ale or mead.

Last night it was just me and the crickets in the circle and Leonard Cohen (in spirit only through his music, though I am sure he would have enjoyed the casting) and I found myself making magick at a leisurely pace since I was enjoying my companion of night, moon and a little night music.