Summer Solstice

It’s no secret to my longtime readers and clients that the Summer Solstice is my favorite witchy sabbat. It’s the only sabbat dedicated to the fae and I have been enjoying the faerie walk on this particular evening for many years.

I usually want to do something different on the solstice but I always end up repeating the same thing year after year. I guess it’s just the right thing after all to craft wonderful flower chaplets, create bundles of herbs (that attract faeries) wear filmy white dresses, take an offering of milk and honey (to leave beneath trees for the faeries) and take the walk through the woods (or gardens nearby) to commune with the faeries.

I have learned over the years to use copious amounts of insect repellant and to bring biodegradable vessels for leaving offerings. I’ve also learned to go a little earlier than later for the best faerie viewing possible. The darker it gets the less visible they are.

It’s not easy to see faeries once you’re older than about 7, so you’ve really got to get into the proper headspace to commune with them. They are all around us but can only be seen by adults by looking out of the corner of your eyes. True! You’ll never see them dead on and they may take the form of butterflies, dragonflies and other larger insects that fly. You may actually hear them before you see them. Their laughter sounds like that of children.

It was unbearably hot of course here in Florida and very humid when we went on the faerie walk. This time I also took a bottle of cold water in my tote, so I didn’t die on the way!

There is a great trail near where I live and we drove down there, parked the car and hit the trail just before dusk. There are tons of oak trees on the path and we found a huge one to leave our offering, say a short ritual and then spy on any nearby faeries.

I definitely saw some out of the corner of my eyes peeking around the trees along the path. These were woodland faeries, a little bit rustic compared to garden fae. I could hear their laughter on the slight breeze. It was wonderful.