How do you let it go?

What if the spell doesn’t work?

I don’t like to think in those terms because most of the spells I use are deeply practiced and have worked many times so the chances are excellent that they will continue working as long as they are applied to the right situations. However even the best, most well-crafted and ancient spells can run into insurmountable obstacles because there is always an unknown factor, especially when dealing with the variable of another person, which many spells do.

When do you know that you’ve done enough?

There are no rules for this because everyone is different and every situation is unique. I had a client just recently who had done a number of spells for help her boyfriend to return and while she was getting movement in the relationship and things were progressing it seemed like that final manifestation kept just out of her reach. He would return but not stay. He would return but stay only a little longer than the last time.

This went on for several months and then one day my client wrote to me and told me she was just going to let it go and not put anymore energy on it. She’d done the work I asked of her (in conjunction with the spells I cast) and there was nothing more she could do. She wanted to get on with her life whether he was a part of it or not.

Within six months she wrote to me to tell me that her boyfriend had returned to stay, the spells finally had manifested and it ultimately was her letting it go that was the best energy she could have put toward the working.

I give a three-month time frame for spells to manifest but most spells manifest much earlier than that but some complex spells for difficult situations can take quite a bit longer.

I had a client with a particular interest in meeting a famous starlet. He didn’t want to be in a relationship with her or anything, but wanted to meet her and was willing to put his energy toward that. I cast a spell for him and he waited patiently for it to manifest.

He was a great client and kept in contact with me (which I LOVE by the way!) but it was almost a year and he still hadn’t met this favorite starlet of his. He was practical though and said that he knew something that might have more obstacles (such as meeting a famous person) would take longer to come to fruition.

His patience paid off. He met her within a year of the spell being cast, in a situation that was perfect for him.

Now a year is a long manifestation for a spell and not one that is usual or common (unless it is a spell that is cast according to a different time frame – such as my Blue Moon Wish Spells, they have three years to fully manifest between Blue Moons and considering that they are more complex spells with a number of variables, you want time on your side for spell workings like that) but it is important to give time, time.

Letting go is almost a spell in itself, you’ve got to take your focus from the situation, from the working, you’ve got to pull it away completely and leave no attachment to it or to the outcome. It isn’t easy but it is a form of liberation and very helpful to get you out of your own way if you are having difficulty with a situation in your life.

Focused will and intention is the core of magick. By that same token removing your focused will and intention can help you to move on and allow you to find something else that will be more conducive to your attention and focus.

Always be open to the outcome, whatever it is. Magick may not work exactly as you would like it to but you’ll find that in its mysteries it will never lead you astray.