Beltane Passion Blooms

I love Beltane, it is one of my favorite sabbats because it is dedicated to PASSION! It’s the quintessential Spring sabbat that celebrate flowers in bloom, lovemaking and the promise of renewal.

This year I’m casting a special Beltane ritual that I will offer to my clients. It’s a passion spell that will ignite sparks in any love relationship as well as get sparks flying for new relationships. There will actually be two versions – one for an established relationship and one for a new relationship.

On Beltane I craft flower chaplets and make sure the altars are brimming with fresh cut flowers. The colors are black, white and red. Above is a photo of my Beltane altar. I also decorate my staff and ritual sword with ribbons and flowers.

This Beltane will mark a special time for me personally; a new beginning in my life after a long winter. I plan on dedicating this Beltane to such energies and incorporating them into my life. It is interesting to see that life is never dull; things change and just when you least expect something will happen that will blow your mind. I welcome these experiences with open arms.

To check out my new spell click here: BELTANE PASSION FIRE SPELL.