That old black magick…

I often hear from people who want to know why I offer black magick spells. I may have discussed this before but it bears repeating – there is really no such thing a black magick, white magick or gray magick. What matters most is intention. Because we live in a world that applies relative terms to things it is much easier to group things accordingly – thus we name spells of degrees and “colors” to discern the qualities they represent. However for me, the witch, it is quite different. Especially being Buddhist as I try to steer clear of duality whenever possible.

Certainly there are spells that can be used for darker workings and some that are just dreadful if the intention behind it is worked in shadow. It is also unlikely that a “white” spell can be used for darker means since it will not be created to support it. Yet in truth all spells are neutral. You can desire manipulation from a white magick spell as easily as a gray or black magick spell but perhaps it might be more difficult to own up to.

I like the directness involved with black magick. I like that the spells don’t care whether you are self-centered or a beacon of hope. You can be the best person on Earth and use a black magick spell or you can be rotten to the core, it makes no difference. Black magick is straight-forward, no holds-barred and honest about what you desire. If you want control then there is a black magick spell for it. If you want to manipulate others then there is a black magick spell for it. If you want to cause harm – well, you get the idea.

I prepare the black magick spells but I will not cast them for clients. I put it all together so the client can finish it on their end because I don’t particularly want to know what their intentions are. What I prepare is in truth completely neutral until the client adds their intention.

Black magick spells can be used neutrally too – often they are best used for hard-luck cases or for very stubborn situations and people that don’t respond to anything else. Because black magick is totally forthright, clients can get speedy results in situations that might have taken much longer if less stringent methods were applied.

For many situations though, black magick is NOT appropriate. If you want to marry someone or have a life-long commitment it is best to stay away from black magick unless you have tried everything else first. Black Magick should be the last resort as there are so many wonderful gray magick spells and white magick spells that get great results.

There can be karmic consequences with using black magick. This of course depends upon what you are using it for and what kind of person you are. You may not even believe in karma and if you don’t then it won’t matter to you what the consequences are. I believe in karma so I am careful about this, but those are my beliefs, not yours.

I will be adding a few new black magick spells over the next couple of months and I hope you are willing to give black magick a chance for those especially complicated and difficult situations. You’ll be surprised at how the true neutrality of magick can benefit you (as long as your intentions support it!).

The two new spells are LUCKY 13, a powerful prosperity and luck spell specifically made for making money any way you can and for gambling and other less than…well, I’ll leave that up to your imaginations as to what this spell can be used for.

The next is DARK ARTS LOVE SPELL, the first spell of its kind that I have offered that is based on hoodoo rootwork of a darker nature. This is for the most desperate love cases – you will need to email me first as I will only take certain cases that meet the criteria.

Look for these spells in February and March!