Blue Moon & New Year’s Day Casting

Casting went well on New Year’s Eve. I was able to get a great, crackling fire going in the fire pit and it was cool but not freezing cold (like it is tonight). I brought Lucy out in her plush carrier (she is so spoiled) and enjoyed the celebration of casting on the Blue Moon and ringing in the New Year. All my spells benefited from the Blue Moon since this New Year’s Eve version will not occur again until 2028. I enjoyed my time outside and then came in to watch Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest on TV. Toasted the New Year with Mom and some Moet et Chandon.

There was something smooth about last night – it seemed almost effortless. It must have been all that great celebratory energy all over the planet! It even rained a little but that didn’t put a damper on things, though the fire eventually sputtered out; fortunately the spells were complete.

In contrast, tonight is cold and the fire was the only warm spot. Even the house seemed cold when I came back in. I usually cast at 10pm or so but tonight would be too cold so I cast earlier, right after sunset.

For the Chinese New Year’s Day Good Fortune Spell, I burn the previous year’s results in the bonfire, then prepare the new results. I keep them in my home until the next year. I was happy to see many clients take advantage of this wonderful good fortune spell but I was somewhat disappointed in seeing some of the names from last year’s spell were clients I haven’t heard from in a while. I really do appreciate it when clients keep in contact with me. I like to know how you are!

I’m practically chilled to the bone right now. I’m under a faux fur throw in my bedroom, cuddled with Lucy with fragrant bayberry candles blazing all around. They are soy candles, the first ones I’ve made like this and they smell great. I will be making them next year for the Yule Spell I think.

All results from Yule will be going out on Monday with the New Year’s Eve casting and tonights casting results. Thanks for your patience with me over the holidays. I was very busy this year. I hope this is a good sign for 2010!

Incidentally I always cast the Chinese New Year’s Day Good Fortune Spell for myself every year!