Magickal Returns

I’ve been excited by the response to my Love Hunter Spell which is as you recall the first love spell I have crafted and cast for myself (and successfully too) in my life as a witch. The spell has taken off for my clients and I am happy to report excellent returns even at this early date.

Which has prompted me to want to discuss when spells begin and end – or rather their manifestation and then completion. Spells do not last forever (since nothing does, remember we are always dealing with the laws of nature in spells and one of those is impermanence) and their effects can be short or long reaching depending upon the spell and the situation the spell is cast for.

For instance the Love Hunter Spell is a working to accomplish a specific goal – to get the one you desire to come to you, to be with you, to fall in love with you (if that is your mutual destiny) and once this has manifested, then essentially the spell is complete. It may have some lingering magickal influence (I believe that all spells have an energetic signature which attaches them to us, making as a little deeper involved in what is going on) but three to six months down the road in your relationship you cannot expect such a spell to still have power over your situation.

However certain spells like the Magnetic Attraction Spell and the Reality Shift Spell can be renewed almost indefinitely, since they are timed spells, meant to last only a few months and then can be energetically recast and renewed to keep their influence working.

Not all spells are created equal in that regard. A Marriage Break-Up Spell is crafted to accomplish one goal and one goal alone – to break-up a marriage and once this goal is satisfied then the spell is complete. Likewise a custom spell that has been created for a unique situation and purpose (say a spell to get a job or for fertility, to influence a decision etc) will accomplish its goal and then be done with.

I have done long-term spells, spells that are created to last up to a year (My Chinese New Year’s Good Fortune Spell takes a year to manifest completely) and some even longer that have long manifestation but these are the exception rather than the rule.

For me personally, I realized this after getting my manifestation with the Love Hunter Spell but then realizing that now that I had what I desired it brought an entirely new set of issues with it. It wasn’t as if paradise was achieved all through one spell. There is no such spell that does that – brings what you desire and keeps it pristine exactly as you wish – because change is inevitable.

I’d say a new spell will be in the offing for me soon to keep my relationship on track, to keep the positive energy flowing (maybe I’ll call it – Let the Love Flow, I kind of like that) since I’ve seen how well magick works in getting love directed in the right way, I’d like to see what I can do with nurturing it even more.

For many happy magickal returns!

Fixing my life

I was able to help my friend with a new spell and it has been manifesting well. There is still a way to go with that as the energy is ever-changing. I will absolutely have to stay on top of this for him to make sure we are working it to the best way possible.

I’ve been trying to fix a few things in my own life with magick which is something I rarely do. I like to save my magickal energy for my clients and other projects I am working on so casting spells for myself is usually a low priority.

However on 10-10-10 along with my Reaping Rewards spell that I cast for my clients I also did a special spell for myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve crafted such a personal spell and it was very intense to complete.

I did both workings outside, the weather was perfect, cool enough for a fire but temperate so I didn’t need a jacket.

After I finished the first working (which took a while since there were quite a few of them) I did my spell for myself.

I lit the fragrant and anointed parchment and watched it burn, flames snaking along the edges until it eventually became a pile of grey ash. It smoldered a bit which is usually a good sign that there is residual energy and a portends that there is more to come. This unnerved me a little considering what I was casting the spell for but I took it ultimately as a good sign.

What happened at the end was the most interesting, since the energy I had conjured brought animals from the night out of the woods toward me. I was surprised to hear so much activity out there. I saw animals running along my back fence and noises in the trees. Animals are often drawn to such energies but usually it’s pretty quiet here in the suburbs. That night was different. It was a sign.

I’m at a crossroads, a place I’ve been before magickally (standing there asking Papa Legba to grace me) but never like this. Part of me is standing back to observe because it’s so difficult to fathom the conditions of what is occurring and the rest of me has thrown myself into the fray completely.

It will be interesting to see how it manifests.

Karmic Reflection Spell

A good friend of mine came to me recently with an intense request. He has an issue that is literally untenable, a very desperate crisis in his family where someone has caused incredible harm and is in a position (through no fault of his) to continue to make problems for those he loves. This is big time stuff, heavy duty, life and death, money, security, all the big things and I have wanted to help him in some way but there just isn’t anything that can be done.

I thought, until he asked me if there was a spell that could help.

My friend knows that I am a witch (he’s known me for 13 years, so yes, he’s well aware of what I do for a living) but he has never asked me to do a spell for him in all that time. It’s not that he doesn’t believe in magick, he believes that there are many things in life that cannot be understood rationally, so he is very open-minded in that sense. He’s just not the type to ask for help unless it is completely unbearable to the degree that this issue has become in his life

This issue is centered on one utterly toxic human being who needs to be stopped, halted, bound from causing harm. I chose a Karmic Reflection Spell for this person – a 33×33×33 spell which reflects the misdeeds of the person causing harm back upon them. It is not a black magick spell (though it might sound like one) it is actually a neutral spell, gray magick, used as a form of protection.

Unfortunately I am concerned that while this spell has definitive long-ranging manifestations that it is not enough to halt them from causing direct and indirect harm to my friend and his loved ones. I believe there is an energetic contract this person has with a member of his family and although I believe that can be severed completely and totally, unfortunately it must come from the individual who holds the contract and they are not in a healthy capacity at this time to do so.

Thus I find myself wondering how I can help further -with more immediate results – thinking of turning to darker magicks, more intense, things that I don’t normally consider but this is not a normal condition, this needs as much as I can possibly throw at it.

Karmic Reflection Spells have excellent results but they occur over time and this situation needs relief now.

I’ve never done anything quite like this for a friend (and by a friend, it is more like he is a part of my family, we are very close) and I want to make sure that I find the right solution. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

When it rains

During the summer I do many rituals outside, though I don’t usually have a fire in the firepit because it gets too hot. I do like to be out in  the backyard though on the patio at night and will usually do some candle magick and other less heated rituals out there in the summer months.

It rains quite a bit here in central Florida in the summer so I have to time my rituals with the moon of course but between rainy days too. I mention this now because I like to use the rain to my advantage when I can.

This includes collecting rainwater to use in rituals (a good downpour can fill up a few bottles for me) and then taking time when the rain prevents me for spending time outside to deal with the business and practice of my craft.

This can mean working on the websites, updating my blog, answering email or more traditional witchy pursuits like drying herbs. making oils, going through my spellbooks, cataloging supplies, making candles, etc. The rain reminds me to slow down a bit, to deal with what I need to to keep my craft flowing freely.

I just finished casting for the Full Moon and it was a good casting (though someone delayed by the rain) and now I need to get things together to package up and send out my results. I’ve been working on some new things for, as well as some other projects (non-witch related) so I haven’t sent out a newsletter in a while. Since today is another rainy day I think that will be next on the agenda.

Music is Magick

I don’t think I’ve ever discussed the importance that music plays in my casting. It’s so indelibly organic to my process at this point that I guess I’ve always looked upon it like I do candles, absolutely essential, so much that you really don’t notice them.

I play different music for specific situations, sometimes even make my own music or chant a Buddhist mantra but there is always music of some kind for every ritual occasion. Lately I’ve been playing Ocean waves with a Tibetan singing bowl while casting my spells. It puts me deeply into a meditative state – I go right into Alpha, it’s instant. As the music progresses it segues into wonderful Sanskrit chants which literally take me outside the physical plane of this world. That’s why when witches cast a circle we call it being between the worlds.

Music helps to bring me there. When I’m finished casting spells I like very gentle harp or flute music to help bring me back and ground me again. It’s like waking up to increasing sunlight, immensely peaceful.

It’s always a bit of a letdown when I’m out of the circle. I’m usually powerfully thirsty and need a little something to eat. Not to be uber-Disney witchy or anything but often what I totally crave is an apple! Sorry Snow White! Water is perfect too but on rare occasions I’ve been known to enjoy an ale or mead.

Last night it was just me and the crickets in the circle and Leonard Cohen (in spirit only through his music, though I am sure he would have enjoyed the casting) and I found myself making magick at a leisurely pace since I was enjoying my companion of night, moon and a little night music.

Summer Solstice

It’s no secret to my longtime readers and clients that the Summer Solstice is my favorite witchy sabbat. It’s the only sabbat dedicated to the fae and I have been enjoying the faerie walk on this particular evening for many years.

I usually want to do something different on the solstice but I always end up repeating the same thing year after year. I guess it’s just the right thing after all to craft wonderful flower chaplets, create bundles of herbs (that attract faeries) wear filmy white dresses, take an offering of milk and honey (to leave beneath trees for the faeries) and take the walk through the woods (or gardens nearby) to commune with the faeries.

I have learned over the years to use copious amounts of insect repellant and to bring biodegradable vessels for leaving offerings. I’ve also learned to go a little earlier than later for the best faerie viewing possible. The darker it gets the less visible they are.

It’s not easy to see faeries once you’re older than about 7, so you’ve really got to get into the proper headspace to commune with them. They are all around us but can only be seen by adults by looking out of the corner of your eyes. True! You’ll never see them dead on and they may take the form of butterflies, dragonflies and other larger insects that fly. You may actually hear them before you see them. Their laughter sounds like that of children.

It was unbearably hot of course here in Florida and very humid when we went on the faerie walk. This time I also took a bottle of cold water in my tote, so I didn’t die on the way!

There is a great trail near where I live and we drove down there, parked the car and hit the trail just before dusk. There are tons of oak trees on the path and we found a huge one to leave our offering, say a short ritual and then spy on any nearby faeries.

I definitely saw some out of the corner of my eyes peeking around the trees along the path. These were woodland faeries, a little bit rustic compared to garden fae. I could hear their laughter on the slight breeze. It was wonderful.

How do you let it go?

What if the spell doesn’t work?

I don’t like to think in those terms because most of the spells I use are deeply practiced and have worked many times so the chances are excellent that they will continue working as long as they are applied to the right situations. However even the best, most well-crafted and ancient spells can run into insurmountable obstacles because there is always an unknown factor, especially when dealing with the variable of another person, which many spells do.

When do you know that you’ve done enough?

There are no rules for this because everyone is different and every situation is unique. I had a client just recently who had done a number of spells for help her boyfriend to return and while she was getting movement in the relationship and things were progressing it seemed like that final manifestation kept just out of her reach. He would return but not stay. He would return but stay only a little longer than the last time.

This went on for several months and then one day my client wrote to me and told me she was just going to let it go and not put anymore energy on it. She’d done the work I asked of her (in conjunction with the spells I cast) and there was nothing more she could do. She wanted to get on with her life whether he was a part of it or not.

Within six months she wrote to me to tell me that her boyfriend had returned to stay, the spells finally had manifested and it ultimately was her letting it go that was the best energy she could have put toward the working.

I give a three-month time frame for spells to manifest but most spells manifest much earlier than that but some complex spells for difficult situations can take quite a bit longer.

I had a client with a particular interest in meeting a famous starlet. He didn’t want to be in a relationship with her or anything, but wanted to meet her and was willing to put his energy toward that. I cast a spell for him and he waited patiently for it to manifest.

He was a great client and kept in contact with me (which I LOVE by the way!) but it was almost a year and he still hadn’t met this favorite starlet of his. He was practical though and said that he knew something that might have more obstacles (such as meeting a famous person) would take longer to come to fruition.

His patience paid off. He met her within a year of the spell being cast, in a situation that was perfect for him.

Now a year is a long manifestation for a spell and not one that is usual or common (unless it is a spell that is cast according to a different time frame – such as my Blue Moon Wish Spells, they have three years to fully manifest between Blue Moons and considering that they are more complex spells with a number of variables, you want time on your side for spell workings like that) but it is important to give time, time.

Letting go is almost a spell in itself, you’ve got to take your focus from the situation, from the working, you’ve got to pull it away completely and leave no attachment to it or to the outcome. It isn’t easy but it is a form of liberation and very helpful to get you out of your own way if you are having difficulty with a situation in your life.

Focused will and intention is the core of magick. By that same token removing your focused will and intention can help you to move on and allow you to find something else that will be more conducive to your attention and focus.

Always be open to the outcome, whatever it is. Magick may not work exactly as you would like it to but you’ll find that in its mysteries it will never lead you astray.

Note to Clients on Payment Plans

Occasionally it happens that I have some difficulties (just like non-witches) and I have been dealing with something that I never thought I’d have to cope with – deadbeat clients.

I’m not sure how this happened. Previously I have always offered financial accommodations to my long-term clients so they could purchase their spells on monthly payment plans to make it easier for them to get the spells they desired. That coupled with a reduction in prices for my spells is something that I was happy to offer to all my clients, new and old to make magick affordable for everyone.

I don’t get rich as a working witch. I do this because I love being a witch and using magick to help people. It is very rewarding in many ways and it allows me to use a great deal of creativity in my work, from keeping up websites to the spells themselves, crafting rituals, communicating with clients, working at crafting oils and herbs etc.

Still, I have bills to pay like everyone else and I am the sole support of my household which consists of my mother and me. When I offer a payment plan to a client and they don’t come through at the agreed upon time that sends my finances into a tailspin because that is money I am counting on to live.

I pride myself on completing the spell work and sending it out before all the payments are complete because I offer my trust to the client. I have fulfilled my part of the arrangement by casting and completing their spell and ask that they in turn will pay me according to their plan.

When this does not happen as it has for the first time since I offered this option, it forces me to reconsider how I can work with my clients in such an arrangement. I am thinking that in the future on payment plans I will not be able to offer the spell results  until the payments are complete. I don’t want to do this and truthfully it is only a handful of clients that have ruined it for everyone but I can’t see that I have another choice.

To those clients who have not paid for their spells at the agreed upon time, ultimately you will only hamstring yourself. Casting spells requires energetic commitment from both caster and client. If you do not fulfill your end of the agreement your spell will not manifest because you have not completed the energetic exchange. This is a caveat I include in all my spells. Spells are mutual from witch to client.

In other words if you cheat the witch – you will only cheat yourself.

Beltane Passion Blooms

I love Beltane, it is one of my favorite sabbats because it is dedicated to PASSION! It’s the quintessential Spring sabbat that celebrate flowers in bloom, lovemaking and the promise of renewal.

This year I’m casting a special Beltane ritual that I will offer to my clients. It’s a passion spell that will ignite sparks in any love relationship as well as get sparks flying for new relationships. There will actually be two versions – one for an established relationship and one for a new relationship.

On Beltane I craft flower chaplets and make sure the altars are brimming with fresh cut flowers. The colors are black, white and red. Above is a photo of my Beltane altar. I also decorate my staff and ritual sword with ribbons and flowers.

This Beltane will mark a special time for me personally; a new beginning in my life after a long winter. I plan on dedicating this Beltane to such energies and incorporating them into my life. It is interesting to see that life is never dull; things change and just when you least expect something will happen that will blow your mind. I welcome these experiences with open arms.

To check out my new spell click here: BELTANE PASSION FIRE SPELL.

Ten Questions for Morrigane

This is borrowed from James Lipton on “Inside the Actors Studio” but someone sent them to me so I thought I’d post them.

1. What is your favorite word?
It’s difficult to pick a favorite for me because I like so many words. Right now it is “torpor”.

2. What is your least favorite word?

3. What turns you on?
It is more whom.

4. What turns you off?

5. What sound do you love?
My mother calling, heh-loooo to me.

6. What sound do you hate?
Angry voices.

7. What is your favorite curse word?
Freakin’. And the four letter version of it.

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

9. What profession would you not like to do?

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God (Goddess, thank you) say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
I’m glad you’re here now we can really get this place into shape.