Holiday Hangover

Not the kind from excessive alcohol consumption (though I did have an eggnog with brandy last night) but from the rush leading up to the holidays and the aftermath.

In all it was a great holiday; I really threw myself into the planning for Yule and Christmas and that helped me through the difficulty of a sad anniversary (two years since my husband passed away on December 22nd ). It was wonderful to have my family here (my brother rarely gets Christmas off), so this was very special for all of us.

We celebrated on Christmas Eve with a dinner at my house with my family. My neice gave me a lovely Aunt card which was incredibly special to me. I’ve always wanted to be an aunt since I never planned on having children and I was a bit disappointed that my brother never had kids. Enter my dear sister-in-law Lisa with her daughter and PRESTO! I am an Aunt! I really love it – I get to spoil Krystina and the bonus is she isn’t a kid so I also get a groovy friend too.

I had a wonderful dessert called Killarney cake which is my new favorite thing – ever! It was made by my sister-in-laws mother and it was delicious!

We exchanged gifts and I got wonderful things – I hope everyone enjoyed their gifts from me too.

I’ve updated the site with my After Christmas Sale event which includes some slashed prices on great spells, a couple that I’ve never put on sale before. There is something for everyone and the sale will run through January 7, 2010. Click here to see what’s on sale.

I’ll be sending out spells from the last casting before the holidays and casting again on the Blue Moon which is on New Year’s Eve. Anyone purchasing spells between now and then will get the benefit of that wonderful rare power day – so please take advantage!