Every day I give thanks in my journal. I write about the people I love and the spells I have cast for friends and family and give thanks to the Goddess for helping me through the good times and the not so good times. I honor the Buddhist Goddess Tara (She is my patron Goddess) with Her mantra OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SVAHA!

The connection I have with Green Tara (Her Tibetan Buddhist name) is immensely powerful. I know that when I honor Her with offerings and prayers that She helps guide me to the best life I can possibly live. The Goddess for me is an aspect of the interconnectedness of all things. She is the Great Mother (like Isis), the most powerful form of creation. She exists in every religion on Earth.

Day by day though, She and I have a communication of gratitude. I thank Her for helping me to sort out my issues and for giving my spells power and focus. It may seem silly to ask the Goddess to listen to my concerns yet I know She listens, I know that She gives me Her special attention because I keep Her in my heart always. She is me and I am Her.

Thinking about what I am thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches I am reminded of how I start every day praying to the Goddess and chanting Her mantra. It is said that to invoke Green Tara one only needs speak Her mantra and She will bestow Her blessings upon you. I cannot tell you how often I have found this to be true.

Today I am grateful for a sweet black and white tomcat who visits me lately in the evening on my back porch. His presence doesn’t thrill my Lucy too much (she hisses at him through the window on the back door) but she indulges me by letting me sit outside with him. He doesn’t seem to be a stray but a neighborhood cat as his fur is quite clean and he is well-fed. Still he should have a collar on with tags of pertinent information if his owners allow him outside.

Of course I don’t believe in letting cats outside since they are small creatures and need to be taken care of. They live twice as long as cats who go outside and they don’t bring home fleas and feline diseases. I believe my new friend is neutered though which is good. I call him Raphael because he is like an angel. He is personable and I so enjoy spending some time in the cool night air with him curling about my legs and raising his big head up to meet my hand to get scritches.

He has bonded with me and I am honored to have his attention. He is an angel (to me as a Buddhist this would be a Bodhisattva) and we all must take time to sit with the angels and show them our gratitude.