Sullen September

It’s not because it is my birthday tomorrow (the 29th) but this September has been very off-beat energetically.

Usually when I work with long-time clients I have the best possible relationship with them. I have clients I have worked with for nearly six years now, really stunning in this business and wonderful to see  people using magick in extraordinary ways. It is truly inspiring.

As I am sure you can imagine after a number of years working with a client you establish a close working relationship – no, better than that, I consider my clients a part of my life. They were remarkably kind to me when my husband passed away, sending flowers and cards and heartfelt condolences. Many of my clients have become close friends (from all corners of the world – in Shanghai, Dubai, Glasgow, Melbourne, Tokyo and Wales) and I value them like my friends in real life.

Thus it was somewhat shocking this month to have  two long-time clients absolutely give me the brush-off. Both had placed orders for the wonderful 09-09-09 Wish Spell which was very limited. I had also worked out payment plans with them since they were so eager to purchase the spells and I always work with my long-time clients to make sure whatever they are purchasing will work for them financially.

And then…nothing. Not a word. The invoices were ignored, emails were not responded to and frankly I became worried that something terrible may have happened. I still don’t know and I sent emails of concern asking them to please contact me.

Sometimes this might happen with a new client but clients that I have had for years? Never before, so I was quite stumped by it. Perhaps it was a lingering effect from Mercury Retrograde – I don’t know. I had all kinds of issues with clients earlier in the month that I have not ever had to deal with in all my many years of doing this work on the web.

As a client of mine please make sure to stay in communication with me if you request a limited space in a special casting and request an invoice. If you aren’t sure you want it, then please don’t reserve a space. Unfortunately I had to turn away two other clients because it was too late to add them to the casting.

When I have a limited casting it is for a reason, either I can only get a certain number of special correspondences or that the spells will take a considerable length of time and energy. It is only rare very special spells that I have to do in this fashion. For instance the Total Eclipse of the Heart Spell for the last full eclipse was limited because I was sending my results to Shanghai for my sister-witch to consecrate in view of the eclipse. I didn’t want to send her a huge package of results for my clients since she had kindly offered to do this for me (I exchanged some witchy supplies I made specifically for a Chinese spell we were working on together) and I didn’t want to take up too much of her time so she could enjoy the eclipse.

I hope nothing like this happens again. I have recently changed several of my policies regarding communicating with my clients – I am here for my clients to discuss their needs much more so than I have been in the past. The communication between us is such an important part of the spell casting process that I am devoting more of my time to it. I want to discuss client issues and give in depth consultation so I can give the best possible advice and spell workings.

I am here for my clients, all of them, new, long-time – all. Talk to me.