New Moon Magick

Since everything has been mailed (all spell results) I am now taking orders for the New Moon casting. Here is a little bit about the significance of the New Moon.

Essential New Moon information: The New Moon is used for personal growth, healing, the blessing of a new project or venture and the start of new relationships and is also excellent for attraction spells. This is the time when the Crone is transformed into the Maiden. It is a time of renewal and new beginnings. The Maiden is essential to the continuation of all life; her color is white, denoting innocence and newness. She is the springtime, the dawn, eternal youth and vigor, enchantment and seduction, the new and waxing moon.

Casting: The casting period for each moon phase (that I follow) is two to three days.My New Moon altar: I use white, blue and yellow candles. I also use a statue of the Goddess in her Maiden face.

Interesting note: It makes sense for instance that author Stephenie Meyer called her second book in the Twilight series New Moon because it is all about Bella’s growth and transformation( without Edward), as well as the growth of Jacob’s feelings for her and her feelings for him (a new relationship). I find it interesting when laypeople incorporate moon lore as symbols.