Thoughts on Family

I just finished tonight’s casting and will have to complete everything else tomorrow. I am too tired to continue. I started about 10pm (took a nap first) then went out to do the “Drawing Down the Moon” ritual. I love that ritual. It used to be nice where I lived previously (Fort Myers) because we had a lake behind the house and I would toss a bouquet of white flowers as an offering to the Goddess. It did get a little dicey though because the houses were close and there I would be completely naked praying to the Goddess. I am so kidding about that! I do not do rituals outside sky-clad – not even if it was just the Goddess & me! I don’t particularly want to be eaten by mosquitoes and that is why witches have robes for heaven’s sake!

I may be a little punchy right now. I came in and had a nice salad and some pizza (important always to nourish after a casting – such an energy drain) and then finished up the packaging in the altar room. I’ll be sending things out on Monday I expect. I really want to spend the weekend taking it easy since I helped in moving this week and started some organization projects in my home office as well as creating the layout for the new update. It has been a busy last couple of weeks.

We’ve got another woman for my brother’s harem (as we joke) in the form of his mother-in-law and this is a lovely addition to the bunch. I adore my extended family and am happy to have them close-by.

I’m absolutely besotted with my niece! She is 21, smart, savvy, sexy and so much fun. We like many of the same things –  books, music, movies. It is wonderful to have someone young but also wise beyond her years around to talk with. It reminds me of when I started my own journey with witchcraft, I was like a sponge! I wanted to know everything. My niece is like this, she has many varied interests; art, theatrical make-up, architecture, cooking and the world is her oyster.

Female energy (Goddess energy) is very powerful and it draws others to a circle of its own volition. It is no wonder that we are all here together because once it begins as a collective it shines a beacon to draw others in. It increases the power of all spells and rituals. Imagine how much I am looking forward to Samhain! This will be a truly awe-inspiring event this year, five women and the thinnest veil between the worlds – talk about magick!

Now is the time for rest and relaxation though. Time to recharge.