Happy Lammas!

Kickin’ back today – no work – all play. And baking! Bread, cookies. Tomorrow I will make soup to go with the leftover bread. It was a nice little celebration, sad that my brother and his wife (and my niece) had to miss it but they are picking up my brother’s mother-in-law to come live here with the whole family.

My brother Ray is the kind of guy who will drive 12 hours, move you out entirely on his own, drive 12 hours back and then move you in on his own too! Can you imagine what a slacker I feel like? Where does he get the energy? I hope everything goes smoothly and we cannot wait to have more family here!

I will be updating the site soon (the new design is still not ready) and I have a super special September spell (lots of alliteration there) that will be for sale this month. It is a once in a lifetime AND once in a millennium event. You will not want to miss it. A little sneak will tell you this: it makes wishes come true! Three of them no less! Like having a genie for your very own!