Family Spells

As you know I don’t often cast spells for myself (it drains a great deal of energy that I need to give to the spellwork I do for others) but I often cast spells for friends and family. I want to tell you about a spell I cast specifically for my brother that worked immensely well.

My brother was in need of a job change and it was getting very frustrating for him in the position he was in. We had discussed it at length and I used a spell that would focus on job change and abundance. I didn’t want to be too specific or limiting in my language because I wanted the best for him and sometimes that will just arise without much help from us.

I did a spell, lit a 7 day candle and kept it burning like a beacon. Within the time-frame (only several days in fact) he had a solid job offer and the potential for advancement that he was looking for. This was incredible news because of the trying job market out there and also that my brother has a niche-oriented job which can be even more complicated to find in a job search.

Once he was squared away I kept an abundance candle burning for several days to continue petitioning for positive energy surrounding this new job.

Now that he has been at the new job two weeks he has reported back in that it differs somewhat from what he had been doing previously (he’s a ship’s captain) yet the people he works with are terrific and there is a lot of potential there. He is quite content and this is good news for the entire family.

My brother is out-numbered by the women in our family – we have five to his one (well we often count the dog on his side since he is male too!) yet he takes care of us in a non-threatening, compassionate patriarchal sense. I would do anything to help him because he is my brother and a very generous person with a good heart, so I was thrilled to see this spell work its magick.

There is nothing quite like it when you tell your brother, not to worry, I’ve got your back and he turns to you and says with a heartfelt smile, “Hey, thanks.”

My pleasure.