Family Spells

As you know I don’t often cast spells for myself (it drains a great deal of energy that I need to give to the spellwork I do for others) but I often cast spells for friends and family. I want to tell you about a spell I cast specifically for my brother that worked immensely well.

My brother was in need of a job change and it was getting very frustrating for him in the position he was in. We had discussed it at length and I used a spell that would focus on job change and abundance. I didn’t want to be too specific or limiting in my language because I wanted the best for him and sometimes that will just arise without much help from us.

I did a spell, lit a 7 day candle and kept it burning like a beacon. Within the time-frame (only several days in fact) he had a solid job offer and the potential for advancement that he was looking for. This was incredible news because of the trying job market out there and also that my brother has a niche-oriented job which can be even more complicated to find in a job search.

Once he was squared away I kept an abundance candle burning for several days to continue petitioning for positive energy surrounding this new job.

Now that he has been at the new job two weeks he has reported back in that it differs somewhat from what he had been doing previously (he’s a ship’s captain) yet the people he works with are terrific and there is a lot of potential there. He is quite content and this is good news for the entire family.

My brother is out-numbered by the women in our family – we have five to his one (well we often count the dog on his side since he is male too!) yet he takes care of us in a non-threatening, compassionate patriarchal sense. I would do anything to help him because he is my brother and a very generous person with a good heart, so I was thrilled to see this spell work its magick.

There is nothing quite like it when you tell your brother, not to worry, I’ve got your back and he turns to you and says with a heartfelt smile, “Hey, thanks.”

My pleasure.

Goth Witch vs. Suburban Witch

Many people who meet me in person are shocked to find out what I do for a living. What I get mostly is – uh, wow, you don’t look like a witch! I often wonder if people think I should look like the Wicked Witch of the West. Since the Goth look is very popular among pagans perhaps that is how they envision a witch- black nail-polish, lots of pentacle jewelry, dyed hair and eccentric outfits. In that case I look nothing like a witch, I look like your average Suburban Housewitch.

It is not that I don’t like the goth look. Well not to wear certainly in my daily life.  I am little past the age for costume dressing. However I do like many goth things: books, dolls, jewelry, films etc. It is a wonderful expression of the darker side of life but in a fantastical way and I appreciate that.

For me personally though witchcraft is not a look but a life. Not lifestyle because there is really no style that accompanies how witchcraft fits into my life. It is similar to how Buddhism is part of my life – it just is. It guides everything I do, think, feel. I am aware of it always. Yet to the outside eye no one would take a look at me and think, oh, she’s a Buddhist nor would they think, oh, she’s a witch. I prefer that, especially in a town where most people are practicing Christians who might not have the level of tolerance needed to welcome a pagan believer.

At Samhain however, I do go all out with dressing Goth; we all do in my family!  It’s fun to celebrate the dark side of witchcraft on All Hallows Eve. One year my sister-in-law had deep purple hair! This year I am eager to see what my niece comes up with. I think I might use a really red hair dye myself just to shake things up. I do have beautiful pagan jewelry that I love to wear and very witchy outfits reserved just for the sabbat.

Many of my sister and brother witches across the world are low-key like me. You’d never know to look at them that they go home from their corporate and professional jobs to light candles on an altar and practice witchcraft.  We are kind of sneaky witches. But we are out here, oh yes. And we are making magick. We just don’t look like it.

Thoughts on Family

I just finished tonight’s casting and will have to complete everything else tomorrow. I am too tired to continue. I started about 10pm (took a nap first) then went out to do the “Drawing Down the Moon” ritual. I love that ritual. It used to be nice where I lived previously (Fort Myers) because we had a lake behind the house and I would toss a bouquet of white flowers as an offering to the Goddess. It did get a little dicey though because the houses were close and there I would be completely naked praying to the Goddess. I am so kidding about that! I do not do rituals outside sky-clad – not even if it was just the Goddess & me! I don’t particularly want to be eaten by mosquitoes and that is why witches have robes for heaven’s sake!

I may be a little punchy right now. I came in and had a nice salad and some pizza (important always to nourish after a casting – such an energy drain) and then finished up the packaging in the altar room. I’ll be sending things out on Monday I expect. I really want to spend the weekend taking it easy since I helped in moving this week and started some organization projects in my home office as well as creating the layout for the new update. It has been a busy last couple of weeks.

We’ve got another woman for my brother’s harem (as we joke) in the form of his mother-in-law and this is a lovely addition to the bunch. I adore my extended family and am happy to have them close-by.

I’m absolutely besotted with my niece! She is 21, smart, savvy, sexy and so much fun. We like many of the same things –  books, music, movies. It is wonderful to have someone young but also wise beyond her years around to talk with. It reminds me of when I started my own journey with witchcraft, I was like a sponge! I wanted to know everything. My niece is like this, she has many varied interests; art, theatrical make-up, architecture, cooking and the world is her oyster.

Female energy (Goddess energy) is very powerful and it draws others to a circle of its own volition. It is no wonder that we are all here together because once it begins as a collective it shines a beacon to draw others in. It increases the power of all spells and rituals. Imagine how much I am looking forward to Samhain! This will be a truly awe-inspiring event this year, five women and the thinnest veil between the worlds – talk about magick!

Now is the time for rest and relaxation though. Time to recharge.

Happy Lammas!

Kickin’ back today – no work – all play. And baking! Bread, cookies. Tomorrow I will make soup to go with the leftover bread. It was a nice little celebration, sad that my brother and his wife (and my niece) had to miss it but they are picking up my brother’s mother-in-law to come live here with the whole family.

My brother Ray is the kind of guy who will drive 12 hours, move you out entirely on his own, drive 12 hours back and then move you in on his own too! Can you imagine what a slacker I feel like? Where does he get the energy? I hope everything goes smoothly and we cannot wait to have more family here!

I will be updating the site soon (the new design is still not ready) and I have a super special September spell (lots of alliteration there) that will be for sale this month. It is a once in a lifetime AND once in a millennium event. You will not want to miss it. A little sneak will tell you this: it makes wishes come true! Three of them no less! Like having a genie for your very own!