Summer Rain

I finally took a break today after two full days of casting. I was obliterated. I had so many candles going at one point I was starting to sweat, even with the coolness of the A/C. The altar was ablaze and there was a heady scent of pine and bayberry for a special success candle ritual I was doing. It was so strong it was like being in a pine grove. Ah, Christmas in July!

I love that in the Fall and Winter when it is cooler I can do so much of my work outside at the fire-pit but during the summer months I mostly stay inside for castings. Just too hot out there and the mosquitoes love to dine on me.

I was reading several new witchy books, one of them I mentioned on Twitter, a great Herbal, as we witches call them (essentially a guide to magickal herbs) and even though I have many books like these I still like to keep my hand in.

I opened the window in my room and little Lucy (my darling girl kitty) picked her nose up to inhale the balmy summer scent. Then in a flash of quick cloud-cover there was a low rumble of thunder and gorgeous summer rain fell in glittery sheets in the backyard.

Lucy hopped up into the window to get a better look and I put aside the book and listened to my favorite sound.

There was a little more thunder but it wasn’t very close and it rained for a good half hour until I saw a sliver of sunlight illuminate the dark wetness of the grass.

Lucy got bored and went off to do more important cat things and I curled up again with my book feeling such a sense of gentle peace with the earth.

Thank you Goddess for the summer rain.