How to be a Magickal Client

I really do have terrific clients and I am fortunate to have worked with many of them for a number of years. I’ve been lucky to establish many ongoing magickal relationships with these clients for several reasons.

With some clients, unfortunately these relationships are not always as successful. I know part  is due to the nature of magick itself – not exacting (it isn’t science) and often people are in quite a desperate situation by the time they come to me, either being frustrated or having been scammed by online fakes or having dealt with real casters who might not have been able to provide the right spell for them. Because of this I know that emotions are usually high and I try to tread softly in my dealings with new clients.

However a client has responsiblities too and sometimes they are not aware that they can be their own worst enemies when it comes to getting the most from spellwork.

Here is how you can assure that you will always get the MOST from whatever work I do with you.

  • Make sure you read my blog. This is the best way to get the low-down on how I work and what I am like. If you don’t read anything on my blog, then you are not taking time to find out what I am like as a person and a witch and this will be to your detriment. Likewise, the FAQ is chock-full of answers to questions you will likely have and is the best way to find out how the process works.
  • Keep the lines of communication open without inundating me with your every concern through email. I am here for you but not on a daily basis and not to the exclusion of my other clients. If you do have a concern that you deem important please DO let me know because I cannot help you with something unless you tell me about. The time to do this is long before  a year or two later and you email and say the spell didn’t work the way you had hoped (yes, this has actually happened!).
  • Stay focused on your intention WITHOUT obsessing. This is paramount to the success of your spell. Obsessing about a spell will only derail it. I know people might think – but if I am focused isn’t that obsessing? There is a distinct difference. Focus is general, non-specific – it is a direction, a journey rather than a destination. Think of it that way. Obsession is always and only about the end result. I really mean it when I say to let the spell go once it is cast. You just walk away and not think on it again. I have done this myself for over 20 years of casting spells and believe me I know what I’m talking about. When I cast a spell for myself I never consider it again once it is complete. I just go about my daily life and do what I must. The spell works in its own way, on its own timetable and I don’t have to do anything more once it is cast.
  • I cannot tell you “how your spell is going” because your spell has already gone. Many people confuse witches with psychics and they think I have a little crystal ball that I look into and can tell them – oh, well , the spell would be manifesting but there is a blockage etc. Perhaps they think this because they have been to one of those con-artists who happen to call themselves a psychic who casts spells. I say this in my FAQ and I will say it here: once a spell is cast and is complete my part is done. You will know how the spell is going before I ever would.
  • Always be open. This is the best tip I can give on how to be a magickal client. My clients who get extraordinary results from magick are the ones who are open to it. They embrace magick in many different ways. Part of this is to not be attached to a specific outcome. Be interested in the best possible outcome for all involved. That way you will always be happy because you will know that whatever happens it is for the best. Spells can work in unexpected ways too: I have a client who desperately wanted to get back with a man she thought was the love of her life. We did spellwork for this in a variety of areas like self-esteem and love returning. What ended up happening was she felt so good from the self-esteem spell that had been cast and the Magnetic Attraction spell that she ended up meeting another man whom she promptly fell in love with (and he with her) and all because she had thought she wanted to get back together with her ex. Ultimately she found the right love and the right happiness but in a roundabout way. If you are always open and not attached to a specific outcome – you invite new possibilities and opportunities into your life.
  • On that same note I have had others who have used a Prosperity spell end up bringing them love and a Love spell end up bringing them prosperity! You never know what the Universe has in store for you and as long as you keep magick in your life and BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE there is no telling what can be accomplished!
  • Use magick for you. Like the example of the client who purchased a self-esteem and confidence spell, I have a number of spells that are cast directly on you that will help the quality of your life. Often we get all up in our heads about our relationships when we need to really be focusing on our relationship with ourselves. You are the greatest gift you will ever have in your life – not anyone else! You owe it to yourself to use magick to make your life better.
  • Ask questions – I love answering them. After you’ve read my FAQ and been through my blog if you have a question that isn’t answered just shoot me off an email and ask me. You can ask me anything though there are some things I will not answer (like how my spells work and what I do during my spells etc).

The more proactive you are as a client, the better your experience will be. You are part of the magick too, always remember that!