Protect Yourself

In these wild and scary times I have more requests for Protection Spells than ever in my life as a witch. I wanted to give you some ideas on simple things you can do to help yourself have a sense of well-being and to protect yourself and your family from the kind of calamities we have been dealing with in this modern age.

How to protect your finances: this one has always worked really well for me. All you need is a representation of your money  – a bank statement, a coin, dollar bill – whatever you feel pulled toward. It is best if it is paper to fold it very small into a little package and tie it with string or a ribbon. Then you will take a small gladware container (or any plastic container – even a freezer baggie could be used) put the item in it add water and tuck into the back of your freezer. Just leave it there until you feel you don’t need it anymore. It is not a long-term solution but should keep things going for about six months without any enormous changes. This is a spell of sorts – a hoodoo inspired spell but please keep it in the spirit it is intended it is not a solution for serious money issues. This is just a “freeze” where you are (especially helpful if you have stocks etc.). It doesn’t mean that you will not be able to make MORE, you will but you should be frozen for a little while at the same level.

Protection from illness: be smart first and foremost and don’t rely solely on the metaphysical to take care of you. Always wash your hands after being in public and avoid anyone with signs of a contagious condition (as in how many times have you been in the grocery store and had someone walk by you hacking up a lung in your direction?). Keep yourself healthy as possible – don’t eat crap, junk food, fast food, avoid eating too much meat (or better yet become a vegetarian), make sure you take health-giving supplments (like Vitamin C and Vitamin B-12), drink tons of green tea (you get it de-caffienated) and get plenty of sleep. I know that these suggestions may sound even more daunting then casting a spell to many poeple – as in – how can I sleep when I am so stressed out about money and the world and a possible pandemic? To do this my adivce is simple: MEDITATE.

Quieting your mind is the key to well-being – even if you only do it for five minutes each day. There are many superb resources online about meditation – here are a few of my favorites:

How NOT to write to a witch

Many of you are quite desperate when you write to me and you all have my compassionate ear – however there are a few things that you might want to consider before you shoot your email off to me.

For instance: telling me how much you have already spent on spells cast by some con-artist will not get you a reduced rate on my spells. You wouldn’t believe how many people start out their emails to me like this!

When you write to me and say that you’ve already spent thousands of dollars with some fraud and don’t have a lot of money, it’s like a slap in the face. I am a legitimate witch. Why you didn’t do your homework and come to me first is not my fault certainly so why would you expect me to give you a discount based on the fact that you went to someone else and gave them a whole pile of money when you could have just come to me and gotten a good value? It is a very negative way to start your communication with me. Unless you think it is pertinent for me to know that you have worked with another spellcaster, I don’t need to know about this to cast a spell for you.

Telling me you’ve been conned by some psychic spellcaster or a ridiculous site set-up by con-artists in your first communication with me is just plain rude. I am completely sympathetic to you if this has happened to you but consider that I would not go to your place of business and inquire about services by telling you how terrible another service has been. If you feel you must tell me this, tell me later after we have a dialogue going.

Telling me that you don’t have any money isn’t going to get us very far in communication. I know money is tight – right now in this economy especially which is why I currently have several major sales going on my site. But I cannot cast free spells. I don’t have the time or resources to cast spells for people who cannot pay me for my work. When you pay for a spell with me you are paying for the WORK that I do and my years (20 years) of experience as a witch. It would be like going to the Doctor and saying, I know something is wrong with me but I cannot pay you to heal me. There may be some situations where you could get free medical care if you qualify but for most people that is not feasible. At my Doctor’s office you have to actually PAY before he will even see you!

Another important point: you don’t need to EVER email me to check on “how your spell is going”. I am not a psychic. I am a witch. I cast a spell and it is done – then YOU will know it has manifested long before I ever would. Every email I get checking on spellwork just takes time for me to explain that there is nothing I can tell you about your spell.

On that same note, I cannot tell you how my spells work or what I do when casting my spells. Please don’t ask. It is part of being a witch – to be silent.

If you have dark desires it is best that you keep them to yourself. I can certainly cast a spell for you but I don’t want to know what you are going to do with it if it is something dark. Use that energy when you complete the spell on your end and keep it very secret. Secret is best with dark magick – always.

Spells don’t work according to your time-frame, they work according to the the will of the Goddess and the Universe. I have no control over this, so coming to me with time constraints is meaningless. I have no control over when a spell manifests. I can give you a ballpark estimate but that is all. It is different for everyone, since every spell I cast for a person is a unique situation.

I cannot handle multiple ongoing inquiries. If after a few communications back and forth, you still don’t know what you want, please take some time to reflect before getting back to me rather than emailing me a dozen times and not making a decision. I am here to help you make a decision as best I can but consider that you are not my only potential client, that every email you send in inquiry is multiplied by other people sending inquiries. Imagine how quickly it can get out of hand!

Always be honest. You need to tell the truth. Often when a relationship has gone awry there has been infidelity involved on the clients part and they don’t always tell me this initially.  I need to know all the pertinent details BEFORE I cast your spell. I am not going to judge you – just be truthful – it will help me cast the best spell possible.

Please read my  FAQ!

I hope this helps you to understand the best way to communicate with me. My next post will give you tips on how to get the most from our communication.