Money Magick part III

Since you are relaxed, focused and ready to turn your intention toward making money (energetically) let’s get your supplies together.

You will need the following:

a red candle (a taper works fine)
a dollar bill
a red pen
fennel seeds

First light your red candle. You can also light some incense if you’d like (try sandalwood or frankincense and myrrh) and put on some relaxing music.

Take the dollar bill and write in the red pen right across the face of it: $$$OBEAH DAMBALLAH WEDO$$$

Write your full name underneath it.

Now fold the dollar (with the words on the inside) into a pouch, leaving a flap to close it. Use the tape on the sides so it will be able to securely hold the fennel seeds. Add one teaspoon of fennel seeds to the dollar bill pouch. Fold over the flap the you left and tape it shut. Make sure it is completely secure and no seeds can fall out.

Put the pouch in front of the candle and leave the candle to burn all the way down to a stub.

You will take the candle stub and pouch and put it in the place where you pay your bills.

This charm is good for three months. You can redo it again and again. When the three months is up you must burn the dollar bill and scatter the seeds outside your front door. Do not skip this step. Do not spend the dollar. The seeds and the dollar are a voodoo offering.

When you complete any working no matter how simple it is polite to thank the Goddess by saying blessed be.