Money Magick part II

Now that you are relaxed and groovy about your money and saying your manta we need to help focus your energy toward prosperity.

Here is a method to do that:

The Alpha State

There are several exercises that you can do to help develop your Alpha State which will ultimately help you to focusĀ  as well as increase your state of calm.


Before beginning any focus exercise, such as lighting a candle and focusing on the flame make sure you ground yourself, center yourself and count yourself into an Alpha State (a highly meditative state).


Grounding: to ground yourself there are two methods, the standing method which requires you to feel your feet connected directly to the floor or ground. Then feel your energy pour through your feet into the floor or ground. This may take several tries before you feel it happening but you will feel the dispersion of your energy to the ground, which will connect you to the material plane.

The other method is the sitting method, if you are seated on the floor or ground you simply need to put your hand or hands on the floor or ground and radiate your energy into the earth. This will ground you.


Centering: to center yourself you need to feel a ball of energy in the region of your solar plexus. This energy will feel calming. Feel this energy coalesce and then you will be ready to take yourself into an Alpha State.


Alpha State: to move yourself into an Alpha State you will count back from 10 to 1. When you do this, close your eyes and see each number in your mind. Do not do this quickly; you must take time to fully relax into the Alpha State. Once you reach the number 1 you will be in an Alpha State. This is just beyond a normal waking state. You will have all your faculties and are not in a Delta State which is a sleep or deep trance state. Now you can begin your focus work.