Money Magick part I

I’ve been casting money spells for clients and for myself for so many years that it is second nature to me. It’s an automatic response when someone comes to me with financial issues, whether they are a client or friend. Recently I’ve offered one of my best money magick spells the Ancient Chinese Tri-Gram Prosperity Spell at a significant discount on the website and this has quickly become an extremely popular spell. Since I am casting it constantly now (along with other job specific and adundance spells) I thought I might discuss some things that you can do to ease your concerns about money.

RELAX! I know that sounds impossible but with a calm mind you have a much greater chance to work magick (even subtle) and focus your energies toward a goal.

Try this: when you feel yourself starting to panic or your mind is racing use this mantra to calm yourself


You say it like it sounds nahm mm-yo ho reng gay kyo .

This is known as the Daimoku in Buddhism. Chant this up to 108 times in one sitting to calm and relax your mind.

The meaning of this mantra is literally, “Devotion to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra”. It’s about karma, which is represented by the lotus.

The chant was first used by the Buddhist monk Nichiren in the 13th century and has been chanted thereafter for almost 800 years. Use the power of these words to bring you to a clam and centered state.

Once you are calm and relaxed I will discuss in my next post how to take your calm mind to the next level.