Parking Witchcraft

I cast spells everyday. Not just for clients (I actually cast those according to specific moon phases) but for myself and my family.

This past week was a little stressful because we were all concerned about a family members health so I cast a well-being spell for her. I did a healing ritual, lit a blue candle (for healing), dispelled negativity by lighting sacred sage incense and did a round of 108 mantras to my patron Goddess, Green Tara.

I cast a specific abundance spell for myself also this week and then a protection spell for my brother. I sent healing energy to other family members as well as cast a spell for clarity for my niece who had had some very important decisions to make recently.

I find that more and more I turn to witchcraft first when a problem arises for those I care about. There is something greatly comforting about the ritual aspect, the deep connection with the Earth and the Goddess and letting that energy permeate me as much and as often as possible.

It’s the little spells I cast the most often which seem to make a huge difference in my life. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am casting them but later I will think about it and realize that I have had powerful synchonicities taking place for days in a row and I will realize that all the time I have been casting mini-spells either through the written word, spoken or mentally.

Synchronicity is one way for me to tell that magick is at full-steam ahead in my life.

I usually experience at least one per day but often when the energy is mega-watt, it will be a number of them, three to five in one day. Sometimes they take a day or so to come to fruition but they are usually pretty quick. When I have a few days in a row of this it’s a sign that my connection is deep. When this coincides with a full moon (as it did this week) it is intense enough to take my breath away. It’s what I live for!

I’m sure you have done this before: you pull into the mall parking lot and it is packed. You say to yourself, “Please, oh please let there be a spot close to the entrance.” You may even recognize the futility of this since there isn’t a spot anywhere, never mind close to the entrance, yet you make the declaration just the same and sometimes, when the forces for mall goodness are aligned – you watch a car you hadn’t seen with backing lights, zip right out of primo spot.

Fate? Perhaps. Mathematical odds? Most likely. Force of focused will and intention? Now we are in my territory.

If I told you how often this happens to me you wouldn’t believe me. People would say, oh it’s just luck. Luck is when it happens once in a while. Witchcraft is when it happens according to focused will and intention. And truly, I do love getting a good parking spot.