Good Fortune for All

One of my clients purchased my Chinese Good Fortune New Year’s Day spell (which I cast on New Year’s Day) and then asked for some tips on how to keep luck flowing throughout the year. I found some interesting Feng Shui information on luck in my files and thought I would share it here.

In Feng Shui and China, the Chinese words are graphically beautiful. They communicate special meaning through a visual experience. So, in Feng Shui, products and objects are used as symbols of good luck. Some products have hidden meanings other products are more obvious. Some of the most common Feng Shui symbols, products, cures and adjustments include: Chinese Coins.


* Feng Shui symbols of wealth – old Chinese coins represent a union of heaven and earth. Wear them as amulets, or spread them throughout the home or business. A three-legged toad is one of the most auspicious of all the Feng Shui objects and products to enhance prosperity. It signifies the unattainable. Goldfish call in money into a space and exchanging gifts of fish is goodwill. In Feng Shui, the dragon and the phoenix are products of prosperity. Feng Shui is about adjusting energy, so placing beautiful crystals in a room are symbolic of jewels. A Feng Shui money tree is another good product to call money from the Universe. A pair of gold chopsticks is a product for good fortune and a nice gift. The laughing Buddha is a Feng Shui symbol of wealth and prosperity.


* Feng Shui symbols of love and romance – In Feng Shui, love and romance always means the luck of having a happy marriage, family life and many children. Mandarin ducks are famous symbols of lasting love. The same Feng Shui symbol could be a pair of geese that soar through life together. A statuary or product of the peony signifies romance, youth and beauty and of upcoming marriage. The lute is an ancient Feng Shui symbol of bringing harmony to the relationship. Feng Shui lanterns cast beautiful light bringing joy to families. Red lanterns are hung by a bridal bed for luck. Pink or rose quartz crystals and other gem products are good in the partnership area.


* Feng Shui symbols for longevity and health – There is no luck without health and long life. Good Feng Shui creates both for anyone practicing it. A crane is a favored bird that creates harmony and longevity. A product of Feng Shui is a marble crane sculpture in a garden. A pine tree is a strong Feng Shui symbol of permanence because it does not lose needles in the winter. A statue or product of a peach tree symbolizes protection and longevity. Bamboo is durable and thrives in all soils. The bamboo is a Feng Shui symbol that bends and adapts, but won’t break. A perfect Feng Shui tortoise is a great symbol of long life for a home. It also is a symbol of wealth, protection and support. Feng Shui uses the jade cicada as an emblem of immortality and happiness. Displaying a dried gourd around the home is a good omen in Feng Shui.


Not all products in Feng Shui have to symbolize good luck or good fortune. Red is a powerful color and can be a tool as a ribbon. Feng Shui mirrors are products that adjust energy when it is blocked and a host of other possibilities. Feng Shui wind chimes make sound that call in money, help, support and more. Crystal products adjust energy flow also. Candles in specific colors are good Feng Shui cures when some fire and spark is needed in a situation. Aromatherapy is nice in any room to add impact or clarify the energy. Essential oils when blended with water create scents that energize or relax the homeowners.

When a witch gets the flu…

…she drinks an inordinate amount of herbal tea with honey!

I’m not much good when I get sick and fortunately it is very rare. This time I had been traveling and obviously was like a healthy magnetic to germs. I recall being in the diner where my mother and I had our Christmas dinner and there was someone behind her who coughed in my direction. After the typical gestation, on Saturday when we were coming home I felt a scratch in my throat.

This devilish infection took a dastardly turn by the start of the week and I was feverish and achingly unwell. A trip to the doctor was called for since my herbal remedies were not touching it. I go to the doctor once a year at most and only in the most dire of circumstances. Years ago I became my own healer and have done very well with it except when regarding cold viruses.

I was lucky to have my wits about me for casting on Thursday and I seemed to get better by inches over the next couple of days. Now on my 8th day I am stuck with laryngitis, the occasional throaty chest rattling cough and a sniffle.

I have used herbal remedies to some success before a cold makes its home which I could have done if I had not been traveling. Usually that involves fistfuls of raw garlic cloves (you read that right) that I will eat for several days to knock a cold out of my system. I do not eat completely raw garlic however – I eat pickled garlic which means I am not offensive to all those around me. Being Italian helps since I love garlic in any guise.

That coupled with powerful herbal tisanes and the best honey I can get my hands on usually prevents most viral maladies.

I also have a cough syrup that I make with cayenne pepper, ginger, honey, apple cider vinegar and spring water which really seems to soothe and keep me from suffering too much.

The upside to this (if you can find one) is that I was forced to slow down. Most of the time I am going full-charge, working, household stuff, cooking, shopping, visiting friends and family and rarely take time out to just curl up in a soft blanket and watch movies. I did plenty of that this past week and frankly – I AM GOING NUTS!

Some people are just not meant to take it that slow.

I am looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow and I have family coming in this week  so this should be really good for me. I hope my voice is back soon! (Though my family will probably wish it isn’t!)