What if not Witch?

A friend of mine asked me yesterday what I would be doing if I were not a professional witch.

I had to think for a minute because I honestly cannot imagine NOT being a professional witch, at least in some capacity. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I’ve been doing this online now for five years? It is in truth the longest single enterprise I have taken part in outside from working on websites which I have done since 1995.

Being a witch is not just part of my life or part of my business – it is a part of everything I do – how I relate to the world, how I see people and their issues, how I desire to help people to make their lives better. This is something that I always felt eager to do, even as a child, but as a witch and Buddhist this is the grounding center of my existence. There is the craft, there is daily puja (Buddhist prayer), meditation, yoga and family (I consider friends to be family).

I would practice in secret like the wisewomen of yore if I could not practice my craft in the pure light of day. I could not be kept from my love of the earth, of nature, of the seasons and herbs, crystals and all the mysteries this world holds. As I practiced before, quietly, not on the Internet, not blogging, not a public witch, I would always practice, always increase my knowledge and study as much as I could. Being a witch is something that you know, something that you are and do and are always becoming.

I enjoy many different activities – writing, arts & crafts and various creative expressions. I love technology and computer and video games (and have been involved with those for many years) yet at my core I am closest to living in an almost medieval fashion. That is where my heart is.

Now when I say medieval think nice modern Renaissance Faire and not toothless, unclean, loony woman who lives at the end of the town.

On cold November mornings like this when I go outside and sit on my back porch wrapped up in my cozy blanket sipping a cup of herbal tea, listening to and watching the birds and the dawn breaking, there is nothing but me and the song of the earth.

For this witch, that is enough.