Fall Full Moon

I had a great Full Moon casting on the 13th. Oh I love to cast on a 13th – what an auspicious number!

It was a busy moon and I started with a short ritual to the Goddess and then got to work right away. I knew I was in for a long night and when the sun was rising just as I was completing the final spells, I felt like the Goddess had given me extra energy to see it through. I usually cast over a two to three day period on the full moon and still had spells left for the next night but I was happy to have completed so many.

Many of my spells take three to five days to complete and some can even take a week or longer, so those require a bit more dedication of time and energy. I keep many candles going which can be a little troublesome putting them into the shower when I leave the house (so I don’t burn it down!) especially when I have quite a few going.

This time of year it’s not quite so bad as the dead of summer however when the candles do throw  a bit of heat in the meditation/altar room.

It’s getting so cold here during the day. Tomorrow it will be only 60 degrees and 30 degrees at night. I’m actually looking forward to it because the bonfire is so much more pleasant when it it is chilly during my castings.

I had some remarkable custom spells that I worked on this past month for several clients and I throughly enjoyed the challenge they presented me. There is nothing I like more than to keep expanding my magick. A couple of my clients had such involved castings that it took a  weeks to finish all of them. Casting spells that are this unique is always an adventure.

I cannot believe the holidays are almost upon us. I have some terrific magick for the end of the year and for the New Year and I hope you will be a part of it.