The Wise Witch

It’s my birthday today and as I age toward wisdom, I thought I might discuss what it’s like for a witch.

At this point everything that I know as a witch, all the spells I have cast, all the energy I have raised, this has all become a deep part of my essence on the material plane and has formed a cloak of karma and an aura of magick around me. Will it make me a better witch?

You bet! And a more powerful witch too.

I recall my mentors discussing reaching the “Wisdom Ages” and how it changed their daily practice. I have already begun to feel a shift away from symbolic and sympathetic magick to quantum and spiritual magick and I believe I will see this take shape on an even more intense level in the future.

I will be offering more highly specialized spells and rituals in the future plus some new elixirs which I will be creating using collodial elements in a ritualized setting. I am thrilled to be able to take the next step into creating not only magick but new science that can be used to increase psychic abilities and awareness, help with mental clarity and many other boons to health and well-being.

I have been immersed in researching these new spells and products for months, creating elixirs and tinctures which will take you to an entirely new level in your life. These new creations will also be affordable, organic, food-grade, safe and enhance any spells you choose to work with.

Look for the update soon after I finish celebrating my “Wisdom Age”!