Custom Spells

Every time I cast spells on the particular moon phases I have a number of spells that are completely customized to fit my clients needs. I’ve noticed lately that these custom spells have become increasingly important in my repertoire to help my clients because so many situations are very unique and I end up going to the books (my books of shadow) to find or create the right spell for the specific situation.

Although these spells can be more time consuming to cast I have found that many clients get the kind of results they are looking for in a more immediate fashion because these spells to advantage of the uniqueness of their situations. Not every spells fits – so this option allows me creativity in dealing with clients and gives them an opportunity to pinpoint exactly what their needs are.

One custom spell set I offer is called a Custom Chain Spell. These are spells that are created to work in conjunction with one another building one spell upon the next to a desire result. A client challenged me a couple of years ago to handle her multi-tiered issues with a series of spells that would handle everything she was concerned about. We put together 9 spells over a period of several weeks that changed her entire life. Given the depth of her situation and the work done it was actually surprisingly cost effective for her to handle things this way.

I understand that for many people a custom spell with a custom price tag is not an option; however I always am willing to work with clients who are very dedicated to the spellwork they are interested in.

I bring this up because I plan on offering more one shot spells – spells that can be customized for one person per casting period. I want to continue to grow as a witch and for me that means always working on new spells.

I hope you will take advantage of discussing custom spells with me so we can put together the right working for you if you find that no other spell I offer fits the bill.

As for my process of spell writing and devising a custom spell I’d be happy to give you an idea of what that is like in a future entry.