The Leap

On the 29th of February I had the singular pleasure of casting a spell that I can only cast once every four years. The last time I cast this spell I did not offer it to clients but friends and family only. It changed all of our lives over the next four years so much that I desperately wanted to share the spell with as many clients as I could. The downside was that the spell is very involved and I could offer it to only a handful of clients.

Spells of this nature have incredible inherent power because the timing occurs infrequently. It adds an unprecedented amount of energy to the working that is simply not available at other times. I have a small selection of spells like this – usually ones that can be cast once per year. I do have several spells however that I have never offered to the public which I call Millennial Spells.

Since the start of the millennium there have been specific days of incredible power – 01-01-01, 02-02-02, 03-03-03 and so forth. These dates will not be repeated in exactly the same fashion until 1000 years has passed and the dates read the same, only it will be 3001, 3002, etc. My decision to offer the spells I have for these particular dates was fostered by my mother who suggested that instead of keeping such magicks close to the vest that I open it up to giving as much of it as I could to as many as I could.

This requires a leap of faith for me because spells on such dates are extremely fatiguing if I do the working for more than a few clients (or friends and family). I don’t know yet how I will work this out – there must be a way to channel as much energy as possible without draining myself into sickness. This is a very real concern which is why I often have limits on how many clients I can offer a spell to.

After the Leap Year Spell it took several days for me to recover. I was completely exhausted. The spell was about 8 hours long, very time intensive (for one single spell) and required me crafting items for the results during the spell. When it was complete; the fire was smoldering in the fire pit, just embers and I watched a cloud covered sunrise. I was depleted and yet felt an incredible sense of peace at having completed such powerful energy work on that special day.

Stay tuned to hear more about my first publicly offered Millennial Spell which will be cast on 08-08-08.