Chinese New Year’s Day Good Fortune Spell

I’ve been doing this spell for over a dozen years.

Traditionally I begin the spell by gathering the items needed and then sit quietly in meditation before I cast. Sometimes I have my family around for the spell, other times I do it myself.

I get out my ceremonial cauldron(that is the BIG one!) and light a nice low fire in it. This is where I will burn the envelope and results from last year’s spell. I add some of the sacred herb mix (a combination of herbs unique to China), burn some special Chinese incense and enjoy the fire for a bit with a cup of strong Chinese black tea.

I then burn the results, which alight quickly and leave nothing but a trace of ash on the wood. I take out the ash at the end after the fire has cooled and blow it to the winds.

Once this is complete I move back to the altar room to finish the preparation for the new spell.

I copy the Chinese characters that are used on aged parchment using a Chinese calligraphy brush and red ink. I add a special “chop”(my chop is a Chinese antique that was sent to me by a friend in China, it is made of jade) to the outside of the brightly colored envelope and write the names of those who are participating in the spell. The spell is then cast and the results are sealed and placed above the entrance to my home where they will stay for one year.

I’ve had clients who have purchased this spell every single year that I have offered it and they tell me that since they have been using the spell things have gone better for them than any other time in their life.

The Good Fortune spell certainly doesn’t prevent bad things from happening. Bad things will happen, that is yin and yang and there is nothing to counter that. However the Chinese believe strongly in getting as much good fortune on your side to counter-balance the bad things that occur in everyday life. So something unfortunate may happen but the Chinese believe that as long as you have specific elements to keep good fortune in your life, ultimately you will be ok and much better off with their protection and assistance.

I completely agree and know that since I have incorporated more Chinese Magick into my life and used feng shui; it really has made a difference. It won’t stop you from getting sick or from someone you love dying, but it will help you to heal faster and to cope better with your greif. We all need that kind of assurance.

Plus the upside is that it does actually open the door to opportunities that you may have missed and that allows good fortune to settle in and make a home with you. A year is a long time for a spell to continually work its magick but this is a very ancient and special spell and I am proud to be able to cast it for family, friends and clients.