Con-artists stealing from me

A client recently came to me after giving some money to what they suspected to be a con-artist spellcaster. You know the type as we have discussed here on my blog many times – typical garish three page site, phone number, no prices, no specifics, no real information. And ultimately everything – absolutely everything is a lie.

The particular site they sent me too was definitely a con-artist site and when I scrolled down to see the spellcasters “temple of peace and harmony” where she purported to cast all her spells, I was shocked to see that she apparently was casting spells using MY ALTAR, since that was the photo she had on the site.

She stole the photo of MY ALTAR from my site. So not only was she not a real spellcaster but she was also a copyright infringing thief. I decided to give her a call.

It was a quick conversation. She claimed to not have made the site and did not know where the photo of my altar had come from. Sure. Because at this point I would believe anything this duplicitous con-artist said!

I did say, “I know you are not a real witch. If you were real you wouldn’t have to steal a photo of my altar.” Her response was the charming – “It doesn’t matter if I am a real witch or not.” I nearly choked on my response, “Except of course to your clients!”

Sadly I had to report back to my new client that they had been had. I hate to have to keep drilling this into people looking for spellcasters!

Let’s review:

  • This phony spellcaster site was THREE pages. If you come upon a site that is only one page, or only a few pages – keep going.
  • By that same token, don’t be fooled by sites that have a ton of useless pages that make no sense. They use these pages to boost their listings in Google. It is page-spamming and all charlatan and con-artist sites do it. Once again, walk on by.
  • A photo of your spellcaster is great but 9 times out of 10 I guarantee the photo on a spellcasting site will be a fake. It is probably stolen from elsewhere on the net or is a stock photo. What is more important than a photo is personal information. Who are they? What mysteries do they practice? How long have they been a witch?
  • PSYCHICS DO NOT CAST SPELLS! Anyone who calls themselves a psychic and says that they cast spells is a charlatan. Only WITCHES cast spells. A psychic casting a spell is like going to a car mechanic to get your teeth cleaned. If you come across a site and they say that they cast spells but do not refer to themselves as a witch then do not waste your time. If you need a psychic reading; psychics are great. If you need a spell cast – you need a witch. Plain and simple.
  • If there are no prices on the site – forget it. They will charge you whatever they feel like for NOTHING. Good deal for them, waste of money for you.
  • If you decide to work with someone and they ask you for more money to complete a spell – you have been had.
  • Casting the same spell more than once is a sure fire sign of a con. Real witches will cast a spell once. If down the line, months later you ask for the same spell, that is ok but a real witch will not repeatedly cast the same spell over and over in tandem. Likewise, those sites that offer the single-cast, double-cast, and triple-cast spells are full of it.
  • There are spells that take 1 day or 3, 5, 7, or 9 days to cast. I have come across some voodoo spells that are 21 days. A real witch would not offer a spell like that for sale because they would have to charge so much for it! So you know if someone says that they will cast your spell for a month or 60 days or something absurd that they will probably not even cast your spell at all!
  • Casting a real spell is not quick and easy. It takes time. A real witch who casts spells needs time to do so and will usually cast spells according to moon phases.
  • Real spells cast by a real witch will not be cheap. You can absolutely forget about spells that cost under $40. The more complex an issue is the more the spell will cost because for a real witch more energy and time, preparation etc will go into the casting. You are better off saving your money (if you still want a spell) to get a good spell.
  • There are NO GUARANTEES! Any so-called witch or spellcaster that offers you a guarantee is a con-artist. Spells are an art and craft – they are not a small appliance or a set of tires.

I could go on and on. If you have questions about a spellcaster who is not me – send me an email and let me take a look at your spellcaster. I honestly do not mind helping you find a real witch to help you, even if I am not that witch.

The con-artist who stole my photo did take it down. But that does not make her any less a con-artist or a thief.

Be careful out there.