Lovely Libra

I celebrated my birthday yesterday. What does a witch do on her birthday? Same thing that everyone else does: moans about getting older and that her youth has slipped away, eats cake (vanilla with lemon curd & buttercream), enjoys gifts both witchy (new lamps for the Temple Room) and practical (500 GB external hard drive from my brother) and trundles off to bed with her familiar who gives the best gift to her this year: he is still here!

The update on my familiar is that he is doing much better. It is more about the quality of his remaining time with me now than the quantity. I just want him to enjoy his life and have all the things he likes as well as all the love I can give him every single day. I am much more in tune with his needs right now than I had been. I am making time for him and being aware. He is with me so often that sometimes I would forget he was there. Now I am taking time to notice.

The Goddess has been good to me this month and it was an extra trying month. Sometimes when things are going too well you need to be slapped back into reality and reminded – not everything just falls into place. Fortunately after some workings to help my family and dealing with issues that was like riding a roller-coaster without brakes; the Goddess has watched over me. Once again being aware is what I need sometimes – to remind myself why I offer chants and prayers to Her, why I light my candles and incense and prostrate myself spiritually to Her lovingkindness.

I have a Libra friend whose birthday is next in our Libra party-line. We get on famously. Libran’s are like that. We dig our own company. My brother is his best friend and he will be home to celebrate his birthday (though he was not home for mine – drat!) which will be tremendously fun. Libran’s are the life of the party.

My Libra friend is one of those truer than true friends whose heart is bigger than his brain sometimes. This of course makes him even more charming and endearing! He did a super nice turn for my brother this past week and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy about my birth-sign. We can be trying certainly with our waffling (the scales – what can I say? We see both sides.) but our hearts are constant and wide-open.

This Autumn will be a time of great change and I welcome it. I’ve been stuck for a while and I look to the Witches New Year (Samhain/Halloween) to usher in a new beginning for me. I’ve already begun the planning stages for our big night and will write more on that plus the new spells and rituals I will be conducting all month.