When Unlucky is really Lucky

Yesterday was Friday the 13th a day notorious for Bad Luck. Now this is especially if you are a Knights Templar since this was the day the edict passed from the Pope to have them all arrested and hanged or burned at the stake. So definitely not a good day for them. But the rest of us? Especially witches?

Since 13 is an important number for us, Friday the 13th has always been a very fortunate day. For this reason I looked long and hard to find a great luck spell to offer that would be cast on Friday the 13th and would be good until the NEXT Friday the 13th (which is about a year away). I found the perfect spell and offered it to my clients and last night had a wonderful casting that created the charms that are the most important part of the spell.

However yesterday it came to my attention that perhaps I had been a Knights Templar in a past life because from the moment I awoke yesterday everything seemed to be going undeniably WRONG!

I had issues with a close friend on the phone that left me sad. Then I discovered from one of my clients that some fly by night charlatan had ripped off entire portions of my site and posted them as their own site. It can difficult to manage your copyrights and trademarks but I cannot abide infringement and will always police my materials to the fullest extent. Still it is utterly disheartening to discover that you have been infringed upon.

There were still more “unlucky” occurrences; that ended with my site’s host being offline for a number of hours last night. What a day this had been for me. I didn’t want to leave the house!

And then, as if by magick – things suddenly revealed themselves to be luckier than I expected.

The issue with my friend was actually a load of my mind. I felt lighter and happier and more at peace. Another problem turned out to be a great blessing in disguise. Even the copyright infringement was positive in that it made me realize how much more diligent I need to be. It also made me feel very good that I have such wonderful clients who look out for me!

Finally even though my sites were down they are back-up now and on much faster servers so that is a good thing too. Ultimately Friday the 13th turned out to be a great day for me!

Perhaps luck is ultimately a matter of perception?

I don’t know for sure but until the next Friday the 13th I will be holding my little charm very tight!