Will the REAL witch please stand up?

To me it is almost humorous, but you would not believe how many people email me and ask me if I am REAL. Of course I know I am REAL in the sense that I am sitting here typing these words on a keyboard or that two nights ago I was standing in my circle casting spells or even this morning when I poured myself a cup of herbal tea from herbs I had grown myself. Of course I am REAL!

Unfortunately this is part of the game in a world that is filled with charlatans and con-artists. I have to work extra hard to PROVE my REAL-NESS.

It is very difficult for charlatans to prove that they are real. They conceal their true identities on whois; they use stock photos of people and pretend they are the spellcasters; they make up back-stories or steal them from legitimate psychics or spellcasters (big note here: PSYCHICS DO NOT CAST SPELLS! Only witches cast spells!) and these are just the most glaring examples.

There is a different kind of spellcaster who is also not a REAL witch. I am sure you have seen these sites where it actually is a real person and they are selling their spells for $20 and they promise the world and more for this price. They may even mean well but it is unlikely that they are really casting spells. Trust me – to cast a spell for $20 is like losing money – that is if you actually cast the spell.

Casting spells is exhausting work. It takes a great deal of time and it drains energy from you so much that it often takes me a couple of days after casting to recover. To do this for only $20 would be like torturing yourself for nothing. And how effective will this spell be if the only worth to the caster themself is only $20? Consider this seriously before you go to a junior-grade witch who does not even value their own services.

So who is REAL?

There are several I know for certain for I have communicated with them directly, know them in person or have worked with them. Most of them do not offer spell services however, they just sell products for witches and shamans. But they are out there these REAL witches.

Here are some tips to tell if your witch (or spellcaster is REAL):

  • Check the domain to see who it is registered to. Domains registered to an actual human being and not hidden by a proxy could mean there is a REAL person behind this. People who have nothing to hide do not mind using their true information when registering a domain name.
  • Don’t waste your time going to so-called “review” forums or boards – these are actually owned by the con-artists themselves though they often let people post some real details to give it legitimacy. There are better ways to determine if your spellcaster is on the level.
  • If your spellcaster uses a witch-name find out what their real name is. For instance, I was not born with the name Morrigane. I will tell you my real name if you ask.
  • Once you find their real name then google them. It will tell you a lot if they are a REAL person.

I have other entries that tell you more about how to find a legitimate witch. I don’t give you this information because I want you to choose me (though you can’t go wrong since I am a REAL witch!) rather that I do not want you to be ripped off.

Now to be fair even a REAL witch has spells that fail. That is just part of the magickal universe. It is important to realize and understand that there are no guarantees in the natural world. Any one who offers you a guarantee for the spellcasting services or tells you that their success rate is 97 percent or some absurd percentage should be avoided. Magick is not a commidity that can be tracked into a percentage of success nor is it a product that can be guaranteed like a toaster.

I always use this adage to explain to my clients the nature of magick: magick is simply science that has not been proven. So as a witch I am similar to a Medical Doctor in my experience and services that I offer only my science is as yet unproven.

Like a Doctor you pay me for my expertise. Doctors go to school for many years to become Doctors. As a witch I have basically been in “school” learning mysteries and being educated in the use of herbs, oils, crystals, forms of divination, high magick and pagan belief systems for the past 20 years.

When you go to a Doctor you are hopeful that she has something in her expertise and background; a knowledge, that will help you to heal. She cannot guarantee your healing however. Nor can she allow you to pay her only if she can actually heal or cure you. That is just not the way it works.

A REAL witch will do her (or his) best for you. Like a caring Doctor we will do whatever we can within our expertise to help you. I have taken an oath as a witch but also as a Buddhist and these oaths are as important to me as every breath I take.

Investigate your witch and you will FIND the REAL ones stand out.