Once in a Blue Moon

The Blue Moon approaches and it is deeply significant to your friendly neighborhood Suburban House-Witch. The last Blue Moon was two and half years ago and at that time I cast a very powerful Blue Moon only wish spell. I was simply stunned by the results that my clients and family had. We were so thrilled by it but were also a little disappointed in knowing that it would be nearly THREE YEARS before the spell would be cast again! Talk about waiting for the magick!

Well here we are on the cusp of that Blue Moon (which is actually two different astronomical occurences – a second Full Moon in a month as well as the 13th Full Moon in a cycle.) which is the second Full Moon in a month. I have many clients who are taking advantage of this super-charged wish spell.

However for those who have considered it and then decided not to participate I urge you to do so. This is one spell that I am even taking advantage of and I usually reserve all my spellcasting power for clients. I just cannot pass this up and really neither can you! This spell and perhaps maybe a dozen other time specific spells that I know of are the kind that no one should miss. It is like the fates are aligned for good fortune.

You get one wish. So you need to make it a good one. And it can’t be one of those multi-leveled wishes that rambles off into a thousand directions wishing for love, money, a Lexus, etc. It has to be a pure wish – right from the heart. It may take some practice to write the perfect wish. But once you get it – you will know it and then you are that much closer to your wish being granted.

The Lusty Month of May

I was watching CAMELOT several nights ago, thinking about how incredibly young Richard Harris was (and so handsome!) in 1967 (before I was even born) when Vanessa Redgrave playing Guenevere turned out one of the big song and dance numbers, “Lusty Month of May”.

To non-pagans, they would probably think it just had to do with it being Spring and there being an amourous spark in the air. Yet for pagans everywhere May is the month of Beltane; May is the month to celebrate lust, love and fertility, to dance around the maypole with flowers in our hair and stoke the Beltane bonfires on the night of Beltane Eve. For witches, the lusty month of May is a very real thing!

Truthfully it is more difficult to enjoy Beltane the way it should be enjoyed (with a partner of course) when one is practicing as a solitary, which is what I am doing at this point in my life. Though I do always have my pagan-centric family around; some of them are not often here on the high holidays.

The Wheel of the Year gives us eight sabbats all together, four major and four minor and it seems like every other month there is some kind of celebration. In my family we agreed to celebrate Midsummer, Yule and Beltane only as major holidays and to take the rest as ritual days instead.

Since it was only two of us this Beltane we kept it low-key. We had a lovely night ritual in the backyard with some candles that a friend of mine had created for us. Then we just sat quietly in the glow of the nearly Full Moon and talked about what this past year had brought us.

Tea heals everything and so we celebrated the Goddess each with a cup of tea. I could feel her love from the heavens above; feel her agreement with our choice to enjoy our quietude.

The next day was my Full Moon casting which lasts usually for three nights. It is as streamlined as humanly possible but still drains me of a great deal of energy. I am usually in recovery mode for days following and so this weekend I am laying low; only doing some readings and taking it easy.

I must recharge myself for this May is very special – it is the May of the Blue Moon which only occurs every two and half years. For me this outshines even Beltane for I know the power and joy that this particular moon brings. I am eager to see what incredible gifts this Blue Moon will bestow.

I hope you will join me!