Not just a witch

So much of what I do as a witch has nothing to do with being a witch.

In my dealing with clients I have to be more than a witch. I have to be a friend, a confidante, a guru, a therapist, a counselor, a teacher, mediator and coach. It can be a bit like the tilt-a-whirl; deciding which role I am taking on with a particular client and a different role with another client.

With spells and rituals it is easy. I have the spell, usually I have cast it already a hundred times. I could cast (and do) some of them completely from memory. I can get into an alpha state in a flash. I connect to my astral body and commence my spirit work without a second thought. But dealing with people – accommodating their specific needs and being what they need when they need it – that is much more difficult.

I am eager to help; I’ve been like that since I was young. Everyone always came to me with their problems and asked me for advice.I was the Dear Abby of my fifth grade class. I never told secrets which was one reason I could be trusted with sensitive information. It wasn’t because I was naturally conscientious – it was because I never had anyone to tell! That’s why it is smart to tell the weird kid. Besides who would believe them?

As I got older, I was less weird and more interesting to my friends and they continued to put me in a place of counsel. I liked getting into their lives and really knowing them. I wasn’t as keen however to reveal myself or go to anyone else for advice. I’m still like that today. I’m a seeker of my own solutions and I keep my thoughts about my own life to myself. I cannot imagine boring anyone (but my mother – she loves it or my best friend Stephanie) with details about my “issues” or problems.

I listen instead. It is part of the service. I will use magick to help you, absolutely, but magick is not all I have in my bag of tricks. And often magick is not all that is needed.