Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

This was an incredible holiday for me. You may find this surprising, since I am not Chinese. However since I have been studying Ancient Chinese Magick; I have found myself drawn more and more to Chinese culture, traditions and their thousands of years of civilized history.

My relationship with China has been confusing since I am Buddhist and support many organizations hoping to free Tibet from Chinese occupation. I have followed His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s message of compassion and good will toward those who invaded his country in the late fifties. I have a deep reverence for China, even though I have disagreed with their politics. This has been an excellent lesson in compassion. I have learned to love the people and culture outside of political disagreements. My interest in China was further enticed in learning Feng Shui, working with the I Ching and studying Chinese Mysticism.

I have offered a Chinese Prosperity spell for over a year now as well as my Chinese Prosperity oil. Both work incredibly well and have deep roots in Feng Shui and Chinese history.

The spoken word incantation of the spell for Prosperity accompanies an envelope of symbols and Chinese herbs used in the spell. Part of the spell is spoken in Mandarin. The incantation is so lovely it is like a song. It takes me away to another land, another time. Thousands of years of magick go into that spell. I am passing something unique on to my clients; giving them a piece of history.

I have several Dragon Spell’s but I do not offer them on the site. I decided to celebrate Chinese New Year this year by offering a powerful wish-granting/desire Dragon Spell.

I conducted this spell, this past night.

It is an incredibly long spell – first there is an energy clearing, then chanting, then a prayer in Mandarin. I also must invoke my Mythical Animal Guide (the Dragon) to assist with the spell. It was limited to seven clients for I have to do each part individually.

Six hours later, here I am, coming down after the high of casting these Dragon Spells. The incense, the crackling of the fire in the fire pit, the numbing chill in the air (Central Florida gets cold at night this time of year!) and the promise of strong hot coffee to help me ground myself after I finished the last spell; seems almost like a dream now.

I often feel that way after casting. Most witches do as we enter an altered state (Alpha State) that is like lucid dreaming. Often I cannot recall exact details but I am aware that I have cast the spells and sent the energy out and have experienced the flashback that uplifts my spirit to the light of the Goddess. She and I have been one and that great touch of the feminine divine is like no other feeling I have felt.

It was my great honor to deliver the desires to Her hands on this night; this New Year, this New Moon and may she grant these desires and wishes with pure love, compassion and understanding. With harm to none and blessings to all.

xin nein kuai le!
(Happy New Year in Mandarin)