Witch Resolutions

Everyone is already making their lists for how different things will be in 2007. Like most people I make my list but then abandon any hope of accomplishing any of it by early February. Then around this same time every year I make the vow that I will not be the same slacker that I have been every year previously and I will at least do one thing on my list.This year – that one thing is to actually make the list itself. See! What progress! What accomplishment!

Since this site is all about me being a witch, I decided to post my resolutions as they relate to witchcraft. My personal resolutions (though they vary slightly from year to year) go in my journal and are not shared with anyone. Too embarrassing, too silly. Plus I’ve had to cross some off – like having Brad Pitt’s love-child!

My witch resolutions for 2007: (in no particular order)

1. The Mother of all Book of Shadows – Since I have so many volumes, it has gotten difficult to find and index particular spells. For years I have dreamed of having a huge book of all my best and most useful spells. I have not ever come across the right book to be the definitive Book of Shadows of Morrigane, so this year I finally took some steps to have a custom book created. I hope if (no not if – when, say when!) it gets created I then have the energy to actually write my hundreds upon hundreds of spells in it! Of course that could be a resolution for another year.

2. Organizing my Witch Cabinet – Oh the disarray. It seems organized to me, in that I can always find my oils and candles and such, but I just know there are many wonderful things in there that I could be using, that I have not catalouged. It is a daunting task – I will take a photo sometime so you can see what I am talking about. You will probably absolve me of this one since I have doubts it can be accomplished in my lifetime.

3. Setting up my Faerie Altar – This one I will do! Since I began my recent study into Faerie Magick; I’ve been eager to get an altar up to honor my Fae friends. I’m also anxious to share some of my new Faerie Magick spells in the coming year. My newest altar will be an excellent way to bring this to reality.

4. The Great Herb Purge of 2007 – Herbs are kind of like husbands. They have lots of life in them initially but eventually that vigor starts to fade. Unlike husbands though – herbs can be replaced (well some husbands can be too I suppose, just not mine!) because fresh herbs make a witch very happy in her root work. I’m usually pretty good about keeping up with this however after the move this summer I let things slide just a bit. So the start of the New Year means new herbs, new mixes, new powders. Should this come before or after the Witch Cabinet organization?

5. Crystal Re-charging – Well the truth is I need to get my rocks organized. As well as cleansing and re-charging my large altar crystals. This will be a good thing to do on the upcoming Full Moon. My crystals will be happier and so will I!

6. Circle Ritual Re-vamp – Every couple of years I like to take a look at my ritual basics and see if anything needs tweaking. I’ve been casting a particular kind of circle for the past two years now and it may be time to work on a new casting ritual. My circles are always works in progress.

7. New Spells – This one is a given. Every year I write about 30 new spells. Some are spells that are customized for unique concerns; others are epiphanies I have that bring new magick to light and still others are researched or taught to me by witch-friends. I’ll use the example of my marriage spell – for years I used the same spell until I found a much better one. This past year my old marriage spell had to hit the road and my new marriage spell (The Next Level of Love) made its debut to resounding success. So there will be many new spells and as always much magick making!

There it is! I will keep you up to date on my progress in 2007.

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