Love Actually

Since I’ve been working as a witch on the web now for three years, I’ve met so many incredible people. I’m astounded by the locations of some of them – Pakistan to Peoria, Singapore to San Bernadino. Melbourne to Minnetonka.

At least half of my clients are foreign, many of them from Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Every now and then a surprise location will pop up though like Mumbai or Hong Kong. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that I am able to work with the world and not just a small provincial location where I live. I thank the Goddess for the reach of the web at the same time I curse it since so many people end up falling for the charlatans on the web.

What I feel though for all of my clients is a kind of love that is hard to describe. Some of my clients have returned to me many times for many different kinds of magick over the years. I’ve watched their lives grow and change. Seen photos of children who were born out of unions I helped them to manifest. I have a cache of wedding photos stored on my hard drive as well as happy couple photos from vacations in exotic locations around the world.

I save all my correspondences with every client, so I can keep up with them. I always appreciate it when they let me know what is going on in their lives. I feel so much joy in hearing from my long-term clients and being a part of their lives in some small way.

I put my heart and soul into my spells. I use the love that I feel for my family, my soulmate, my husband, my familiar to draw love to my clients. That means that everytime I cast a spell for love some of my love goes into it. That’s the only way I’ve found that it can possibly work.
Love + Love = More Love. Love attracts love. After over 20 years of doing this; I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

There are all kinds of love. For instance one of the greatest love relationships I’ve ever had has not even been with a human! It’s been with my familiar. For 17 years this unbelievable creature has been at my side, a part of me. Witch’s familars give great power and unconditional love to us. I am blessed by his presence.

I have a special bond with my family – each in different ways. We are closer than ever right now; having endured some dramas that made us stronger. Their love is a haven for me.

Sometimes our friends can be the greatest loves in our lives. I think about my dear old best friend from high school and how we always knew that no matter what else happened in our lives, when we are old are grey we will be there for each other.

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to fall in love with my closest friends. I think of my friend in Australia that I have known for a decade and how there is not anything I would not do for him. It feels good to be able to give that much of myself. It has taught me so much about myself by giving love like this. My heart is full. My heart is open.

This love letter is really to my clients though. You are amazing people and I am honored to be invited to assist you. I’m glad you found me.