Christmas Eve Quiet

Its about an hour or two before we will be settling in for our traditional casual Christmas Eve dinner. Family members are in the living room watching “Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Mans Chest” and I am safely ensconced in my office, listening to Christmas Music on Yahoo. Tomorrow the house will be filled with people and merry-making and this is my last few moments of quiet calm. Our “real” holiday was already celebrated anyway (Yule) so this is simply another excuse for festivity.

I’ve got lovely bayberry candles burning throughout the house (they have been since Yule) and hand-made incense from witch-friend Silver Ravenwolf that makes the house smell glorious.

I am a huge supporter of witch-craft and like to get my supplies and such from witches who really know their stuff. Here are some of my favorites:

Silver Ravenwolf’s Ebay Store:

Silver offers so many unique items. I have many of her oils and incense. I make many of my own oils, but sometimes its great to have a collection made by another witch. Her stand-out items are her jewelry and art curios. They are quite lovely. And yes, this is the same Silver Ravenwolf who writes all the books on witchcraft!

Earthy Elements:

Joanna is the most talented Shamaness I know. Her artwork is exquisite and her products are used in some of my mojo and spells (especially her herb mixes). I have many of her art pieces in my collection. I especially love her gourd bowls and spirit drums. She also makes the lovliest Medicine Bags and jewelry.


Before she opened this adorable emporium, Niccola was known as “La Bona Dea” (the Good Goddess). I use her herbs and oils and have a couple of her natural wood wands for various uses. Niccola is an eclectic but like me has a strong background in Stregha (Italian Witchcraft), so I immediately felt at home many years ago when I discovered her offerings. Another gifted artist, I own many of her original painted boxes.

Dinner is ready -we’ll eat then watch “Scrooge” with Albert Finney, my favorite rendition of “A Christmas Carol” since I was a child – I always loved musicals!

So I’d like to say – “Thank you very much, thank you very much – that’s the nicest thing that anyone’s ever done for me!”

See you after Christmas.