Microwave Magick

I get this one alot. “How long will this spell take to work?” “How soon before I see results?” “When will I know the spell is working?” And even – “I need this spell to work in two weeks.”

There is no good answer to this question because after I have cast the spell – it is completely out of my hands. Of course no one wants to hear that. In many cases I’m afraid clients believe that I am constantly checking on their spells to make sure they are working, otherwise why would they email me nearly every day asking me – “How is my spell going?”

There is a code that I live by as a witch that I’d like to share with you:

To Know

For this I consider that knowing is a part of spellcasting. In that I know what my intention is. I also know my craft. This is about knowledge. I take my study very seriously as all true witches do.

To Dare

This has several meanings to me. First of all it is about the level of confidence I have in myself as a witch. Also it means that I dare to live and work as a witch, and this is no easy task. Also it refers to karma. Everything I do as a witch comes back to me karmically. I must always heed this.

To Will

This is one of the most essential elements to the craft. My will is my word. My will is my iron. My will is the engine that moves the spell. It goes beyond just wanting a spell to succeed. It is a part of my pure energy that I give to each and every working.


To Be Silent

This is the one that many clients have trouble with. I do not discuss my spells nor my workings. Not with clients, and rarely even with other witches unless we are working together on something. Except for our family Book of Shadows, I have never shared mine with anyone. I may share specific spells occasionally with other witches, but we do not share our secret workings. That is the way of the witch and has been so since time immemorial.

How does this tie into what I call “Microwave Magick“?

Magick isn’t instant. I say so right on the first page of my site. I am not Samantha on Bewitched. I cannot conjure up people and material goods. I can’t just twiddle my nose and make everything work out the way you want it to. If I could believe me, I would not be using my gifts in this fashion – I would be helping world leaders, ending famine and wars and bringing peace and compassion to those who need it most.

Not that I don’t care about people and their everyday concerns but a gift like that could help save the world!

So, since I am not omnipotent and have to contend with the Laws of Nature (which is why Bewitched is a Hollywood fantasy), like everyone else does on this nice little planet we have here; you must recognize that I do not have the ability to “time” out your manifestation of a spellworking.

I can give you a time-frame certainly, which I always do, but often spells take longer to manifest than the time frame I give.

Case history: a recent client contacted me two days after I finished casting a spell for them and they told me they were disappointed that the spell had not worked! TWO DAYS! That was the time they gave me for their spell to manifest.

Usually clients don’t email me until at least a week has passed – but this one was upset because the spell had not manifested in two days. And they wanted to know why as well as know “how” the spell works.

I cannot discuss “how” a spell works. But for certain I know that spells do not usually manifest in two days. Perhaps on a rare occasion, like a harmonic convergence, everything comes together perfectly but this is the exception rather than the rule.

This client wanted “Microwave Magick“. Instant. Peel back the corner and put it in for 2 and half minutes. Presto! Your magick is served.

Microwaves are not part of nature. Witchcraft is tied completely to the natural world. There are some who practice “Techno-Magick“, I’ve even seen a few books on it. That’s not for me. I don’t believe that man-made magick comes even close to the magick of the natural world and for me, taking it away from what we desperately need to connect to makes a powerless and cheezy proposition. Not to mention I am sure its a gimmick to sell books.

I want my clients to have their spells manifest quickly, pleasantly and fulfill all of their desires. That is the will and intention I use in all my workings. However once my spell is complete it is up to the Universe to deliver.

Some spells may never manifest, for some spells may not be what the Universe intends for us. Some spells will manifest quickly because often we innately know what is right for us and what will work for us. Some spells take a longer time to manifest because there are many obstacles and much has to change for the intention of the spell to ring true.

It’s best that you recognize this and not give up on a spell two days after it is cast. For once you give up, once you add negative energy to that working, there is nothing I can do to fix it. The spell is broken. The magick is lost.